How To Write Category Descriptions For ECommerce

category description

How to write category descriptions for eCommerce – Are you looking for the tips to write category descriptions for E-commerce? Do you what type of category description can bring you more benefits? If not, then you are at the right place. Category descriptions are very important to attract people to the most extent. If you are a newbie and do no know much about it. Then here we will discuss the best ways to write compelling category descriptions.

category description

Category descriptions play a very important role in increasing your site’s performance. They are used to describe the certain categories that are available in your website or E-commerce store. Better category descriptions will bring you more benefits than what you have thought of.

Importance of category descriptions in E-Commerce

Category description is probably one of the least used options in the E-commerce. They being the least used are most beneficial in attracting customers. People tend to understand well with the right descriptions they are served with. Good and creative category descriptions mean there are more chances of people buying your services or products. Category descriptions allow people to have the detailed information and understanding of the product. They give them an idea of the whole category and the products available in further the category.

Top tips to write compelling category descriptions for E-commerce

Category descriptions are becoming an important and vital part of every SEO strategy for E-commerce. There are few things that you should definitely keep in mind before writing category descriptions. Wrongly written category descriptions can lower down the reputation and sales eventually. Below mentioned are some of the ways to write unique and creative category description for E-commerce.

Try to keep it conversational

The main goal of category description is to create a bond or connection between the customers and your services. Your writing can have a huge impact on the customers. Below mentioned are some of the other things that you should keep in mind while keeping your category description conversational.

  1. Be familiar with the brand or products and most importantly your customers. This will help a lot in instantly getting connected to your customers.
  2. You can use the power of words in such a way that the customers should feel that you are talking face to face with them.
  3. Also, make sure that you do not get too technical. Technicality is the thing for the product descriptions.

Focus on benefits with the right words

After taking a look at the features the first thing that comes to customer’s mind is the benefits. People are curious to know what is in there for them and also what makes the product valuable. You can use various adjectives to reach the target audience. Also, you can use industry lingo whenever required and possible. Make sure you do not use them overly just stay clear and concise with your words.

Use complete sentences

People often make the mistake of using short words or abbreviations which sometimes make tough for people to understand. Eventually, this leads to low performance and sales of the product and your services. Try to use complete sentences whenever possible. Short words or fragments leads to low-quality filters with major search engines.

Try to avoid if/then statements

If you really want to attract customers to the most extent then it is important to avoid these type of statements. They could be a major cause in lowering down the performance of your E-commerce site.Therefore, try to avoid them as much as possible.


So, if you were looking for the ways to write compelling category descriptions then I hope this might have been helpful for you. Aforementioned is the best tips that you can implement to write category description for your E-commerce. Regardless of what audience you re writing for these tips will always help you to perform better and get betetr results. So, go ahead and write compelling category descriptions now keeping the tips in mind.

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