Will My Organic Rankings Suffer If I Don’t Have A Blog

Difference Between Organic SEO & Non-organic SEO

Will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog – Are you the one looking for the answer to this question? Will your organic rankings suffer if you do not have a blog? Well, if you want to the answer to this much intriguing question then you are at the right place. Blogs play a very important role in bringing organic traffic to any website.

Will my organic rankings suffer if I don’t have a blog

Blogs have a major impact on the organic rankings of a website. Web sites with the blog in them tend to grab more attention than the sites that do not have. Creating unique and interactive blogs for your website could prove to be the long-term investment in terms of everything.

Why should you have a blog?

Every website should have a blog to increase and improve their organic traffic and rankings. It does not matter if you have an E-commerce website or self- service, blogs will alway tend to provide you benefit in every possible way. People or specifically customers are always curious to have a better understanding of your products or services. With well-written blogs, you can provide them a detailed and full fledge information. Higher the quality of the blogs, more the chances of the increase in the rankings and traffic. So, if you do not have a blog then it is high time you create one for your website.

Advantages of using blogs for your website

Blogging does not only bring traffic to your site but also make it more attractive than before. There are some major benefits of using blogs for your website. If you are still unaware of their benefits then here are some of the core benefits of blogs for any website mentioned below in the list.

  • Blogs help in driving immense traffic to your website.
  • More traffic increases the chance of them converting into leads and sales.
  • It helps you to establish authority.
  • Interactive blogs help in providing you the long term benefits.
  • Blogging supports your social media initiatives.
  • Well written blogs increases the conversions rate of your website.
  • It helps your website to generate inbound links which eventually works for your website in a good way.
  • They also help you rank for the long tail searches.

Do blogs really affect the organic ranking of your website?

This is the question that has popped into many heads by this time now for the obvious reasons. Blogs have already proved to be helpful in every possible way for any website. Most of the companies consider paid campaigns and advertisements as the best strategies as they bring instant results. But blogs are one of the most effective or specifically a long term inverstment for your website. Blogs are always a better and smart choice to get the organic results.

Provided with professional SEO sevices, blogs can help you give immediate and visible results. Any company would want to create awareness about their services and products. This could only be achieved with blogs created for your website. With the relevancy and correct keywords you can easily boost up your organic ranks and traffic. Without blogs you can get the organic traffic but it would be pretty tough.


Every company or website wishes to have more organic ranks and traffic for their website. Blogs help you a lot in acheiveing the best organic results for your website. Though it does not mean that you cannot get the organic traffic without them. They are just an easy and fast way to grab more attention from the customers without making much efforts.

I hope this might have been helpful for you in some way or the another in order to get the best organic results. Beginners often are curious to know about this topic so I hope this have helped you to clear you doubts. So, go ahead and create a blog for your website now to get the required and desired organic attention for your website.

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