What is Search Engine & Its Types

What are search engine

In our daily life, we use a search engine many times. The search engine is software that provides all the information of the World Wide Web (WWW) to internet users. In this, users can put the word and some key phrase into the search engine and receives a list of web content, videos, images, and another form. The engine gives all the data which relates best to your searching option.

What are search engine

How to use a search engine?

It is accessed through the browser of user’s laptop, mobile phones or any other devices. On the page of the internet, there is a text bar on the top of the page through which one can find any type of information and numbers of results will come that relates to your content. This service required internet service. Every search uses the different mathematical formula to generate the search results.

What happens when a search is performed?

When a search query is entered into the search engine, then it shows all the relevant results that are identified from the index and the algorithm that is used to hieratically rank the pages into the results. It is a very quick process. The algorithm used to rank the relevant results from the different search engines.

In addition to search queries search engine use the relevant pages to give the relevant results:

  1. Previous research engine: – In this, the search engine will result in different research for a query that depends on the previous research.
  2. Location: – Some search queries are location dependant. For instance, a food court near me.
  3. Language detected: – Some search engine will give results in the language of the user.
  4. Device: –  Different kinds of results is finding according to the device.

Behind the search screen how a search engine works?

The search engine contains the million and billions of pages and some search engines do not only show the result but also gives the better output based upon the search of the user. This is done by the various algorithms.

  • When a keyword is entered to the search box, on that time algorithms Fitch the data which already contained in it.
  • After that, there is huge data related to the user’s search .then via algorithms data is filtered according to the original content.
  • Next, the filtered data is again shuffled and search engine showed the best 10 results on the screen. It is a very fast process which is done in nanoseconds.
  • The search engine only sees the text on web pages and use the underlying HTML structure to determine the relevance.

Types of search engines:-

Based on the working behavior Search engine is classified into the following three categories.

  1. Crawler based:- In this, there are following different steps which are used by the search engine. Crawling, Indexing, Calculating relevancy and retrieving the result.

Examples of this are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  1. Human-powered directories: – This referred to as an open dictionary system which depends upon the human-based activity of listing.
  2. Hybrid search engine: – This used both crawlers based and manual indexing for listing the sites in search results. For instance, Google has used crawler as the primary based and human directories as the secondary bases.

Examples of search engines:-

Due to the advancement of technology, there is much software which is used for search. Some software works in a good manner like without hanging, without taking time but some are just in the market to spread the virus. Following are the software that impresses the world by their activities.

  • Google search: – Nowadays, Google search is like a vogue. This engine box is so popular that when someone is unable to find any information then only one phrase comes first in the mind that is ‘Google it ‘.It is a secure engine and gives results very accurately.
  • Microsoft Bing: – This is also very famous and used by many people. Microsoft Bing does an excellent job of finding the information.
  • Yahoo Search engine: – This is not so popular like the upper ones but yahoo also does better work to give the best relevant results to the user.

There is the number of search engines that give different results and this depends on algorithms. Because every site has different data and has a different approach to find the information that user demand and also tries to correlates that information with the ambition of 100% best. So, this can happen that every search engine gives different information but that information always co-relates with each other. Each search engine has its unique algorithms. So, it is not necessary that the top ranking of Google is the same as the yahoo’s top-ranking or vice-versa.

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