What is Google Tag Manager & How to Use It

What is Google Tag Manager & How to Use It

What is Google Tag Manager & How to Use It –  You might have heard of Google tag manager and using it as well. But despite of using them if you are not getting expected results then you might be doing it all wrong. Wrongly used tags can slower down the loading speed of your website and can lead to other severe troubles too. So to prevent yourself from this you need to know about Google tag manager and how to use it properly.

What is Google Tag Manager & How to Use It

If you run a big business or a website with tons of web pages then it could be horribly difficult for you to manage the tags. You cannot add tags to every page because it will exhaust you like hell. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to use Google tag manager to manage things.

What is Google tag manager?

Google tag manager is a tag management system that allows users to add tags quickly anywhere. This is a free tag management solution provided by Google itself. You can manage various marketing and analytics tags on a website or on mobile app. This is extremely easy to use and lets you control the code snippets and tags. Any small or large business can use it easily to manage the tags.

Further, a tag is a snippet of code that sends the information to a third party. Third party can be anything be it Google, Twitter, Facebook, Google analytics etc. Without a tag manger you need to individually add the tags in the files of website or mobile app. But with tag management tool like Google tag manager you can easily specify which tags you want and which don’t using the user interface.

Benefits of Google tag manager

Google tag manager comes with a lot of benefits to offer. You can easily manage the tags on both web and mobile apps. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Google tag manager that will compel you to use it right away.

  • With Google tag manager you do not need to edit the website code over and over again. Instead one code will be placed on every web page with the help of Google tag manager container code.
  • You can test and add code faster with Google tag manager as compared to the other methods.
  • With this amazing tool, advanced tracking is really easy to perform.
  • Using way too many tags can actually slow down the loading speed of your website therefore you can improve the website speed with Google tag manager.

Setting up the Google tag manager for web and mobiles

To manage the tags with Google tag manager for web you need to follow the below mentioned steps. Following them in the right way can help you manage the tags much easier than before.

  • If you do not have an account on Google tag manager so make an account first.
  • Then create a container for your site in the account.
  • After this, add the container snippet to your site.
  • Then migrate all the tags that you wish from you site’s code into the tag manager.

To manage the tags with this amazing tag management solution for mobile apps you need to follow another set of steps mentioned below.

  • Make an account if you do not have one.
  • Create a container for your app in the account.
  • Then after this select the right container type for your app.
  • Migrate the tags aforementioned and wait for the results.


Managing tags can be pretty tough for a normal person. Google tag manager is an amazing tool that lowers down your burden of managing the things. You can easily add tags to every web page of your website even if you have thousands of them. To excel in managing and adding the tags you really need to have a great understanding of Google tag manager. I hope this might have helped you to learn about this tool and its usage.

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