Does Website Design Affects SEO

Does Website Design Affects SEO

Does website design affects SEO – Do you know the impact of the website design on SEO? Do you know how website design affects SEO? If not, then you have come to the right place for solving these queries. Well, website design plays a huge and a very important part in the Search engine optimization. A good and attractive web design helps you beyond your imagination.

Does Website Design Affects SEO

Your online marketing efforts are incomplete without a professional and good looking web design. A great web design helps the users and the search engine itself to navigate your site. Website design affects your SEO in plenty of ways that we will discuss in further.

Why is a good web design is important for SEO?

You definitely be wondering about the importance of a good web design. People do not stay for a second on a web site if the appearance is bad or the loading speed is slow. A good looking website not attracts the audience but also help the search engines to navigate you easily. Below listed are some of the other reasons that will tell you why a good web design is very important both your online business and SEO.

  • One of the major benefits of a good web design is higher conversion rates. If you have a responsive and attractive web design then more users will turn into potential customers.
  • A shoddy or bad looking website will obviously drive the customers away. On the other hand, an elegant and attractive website will help people connect to your brands and services easily.
  • The website should not only be beautiful but also be functional so that more people can connect to you on the regular basis.
  • A responsive and mobile friendly web design will help you reach more and more customers.

What are the factors of web design that affects SEO?

A web design is not just about the appearance of a website. The professional web design should be responsive, mobile friendly and have every bit of the relevant information that connects with the audience. Ther are so many factors that are responsible for having an effect on the search engine optimization process. Below listed are some of those, scroll down to check them all out.

Page loading speed

Page speed is one of the crucial things that decides the fate of your website. A good looking website with low loading speed will have an adverse affect on the reputation of your brand and website. Therefore, while creating a web design you should optimize the things properly.

Parallax design

Parallax design means developing a complete and full-fledged website in a single page. This is one of the innovative ways to build a website. But as they say, there are cons to everything, and this design is no exception. Sometimes, important keywords go unnoticed because of the single page website. This not only is difficult for users to relate but even for the Google. Therefore, if you wish to create a parallax design then do it properly and carefully.

Website’s domain name

The domain name of your website represents the business and your services. So, you should be very careful while choosing the right and relevant domain name for your website. It also has an effect on the rankings and traffic because of certain reasons.

Heading tags and navigation designs

These are yet another very essential parts of the web design that have a huge impact on the SEO. Heading tags lets both the search engines and users know what your services are about. Furthermore, navigation design also helps a lot to make your site attractive and browsable.


A web design plays a very important role in the success of your website. It brings higher rankings and traffic if you have a professional web design for your website. A bad design can damage the reputation of your website as well and also effect the SEO. If you were in the search to find the effects of web design on SEO then I hope this might have been helpful for you.

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