How To Use SEMrush For SEO Of Your Blog

How To Use SEMrush For SEO Of Your Blog

How To Use SEMrush For SEO Of Your Blog – Do you want to get the best results out of SEO? Are you a blogger or SEO expert? Thinking of using SEMrush & Do not know how to use SEMrush for SEO of your blog? SEMrush can be your ultimate solution. What if I say that you can mine out good details of popular site or sites you are most interested in? Yes! It is true and SEMrush makes it true.

How To Use SEMrush For SEO Of Your Blog

Keep watch on your enemy or keep up with the popular base! SEMrush is a complete package for keeping an eye on the interested websites. Random posts give good random traffic from the blogs but ever wondered what? What keywords are these bloggers using to rank and get traffic? If you knew those words, you could have done better at work.

SEMrush can help you in finding out the best. This tool can make things possible. Digital marketing for all business setup can be perfectly matched by this tool. Never used SEMrush? In this blog, we will tell you how to use SEMrush for SEO of your blog.

Steps For Bloggers To Use SEMrush For Good SEO

Optimization is a good part of getting the visible ranking. It just acts like a fuel for your blog. SEM rush is that tool which will help you through your marketing and promotion time. This tool eases out the work of digital marketers along with online business bloggers. We give you step by step guide on how to use SEMrush for SEO of your blog.

  1. Make An Account: SEMrush is a paid form of marketing tool. Thus, you can opt for free trial which is for first time users. Sign Up with the details as per the instructions and create and account on SEMrush.
  2. Enter your domain name (It can be any other website also like a popular one or your competitors). Click on “Full Report”.
  3. You will be presented with the list of vital information linked with that domain name. This includes, traffic estimate, keywords trends & positioning, traffic percentage etc.
  4. Solve your strategic needs through the list. You can modify the report based on varius topics like keyword Trend, Keyword Position, Keyword CPC etc.
  5. You can enter any amount of websites by entering their URLs.
  6. Make a spreadsheet out of it for easy comparison.
  7. If you want, you can add keyword into SEMrush position checker. You can keep an eye on the ranking of the website.

Strategy To Follow Using SEMrush for Improving Ranking

Once you have made the spreadsheet, you know the words you need to target and those whom you want make a good influence, we give you a simple strategy to follow:

  • Always remember to keep the content you are going to add to your blog, should be unique & creative. Enhance it with images, videos etc.
  • Keep a track of your success & failure. It is good to keep a good eye on where your website is ranking. If it is falling, make optimization better.
  • Track keywords being used by competitors is a good practice. The question is why their blogs are making money & why not you even though you both are similar, SEMrush has the good answer for you.
  • SEMrush will provide you best relevant keywords too. Thus, you can increase the the keyword research.
  • One of the quality features of SEMrush is that it lists up the companies who are willing to pay for the ads based on those keywords. It is better that you should do good in order to make more money.
  • One can use Keyword optimization plug-in for optimizing keywords and the post itself.
  • Using link building can also help you maximize the visibility of the content.
  • Online marketing can never be defeated. Traffic can be generated out of various social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  • If any keyword which you came across gives you consistently good results, then stick to it. it is best to make relevant contents yet unique to avoid plague. Do not forget to interlink them.

Follow the above mentioned steps to use SEMRush tool for SEO for your blog and outrank your competitors.

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