How To Use Menus In WordPress

How To Use Menus In WordPress

How to Use Menus in WordPress – If you are a newbie searching for the methods to use menus in WordPress then you have come to the right place. Menus not only in WordPress but everywhere plays a very important role. Using the menus on WordPress is not difficult at all. You just need to be a little careful and should have the proper knowledge of them. So here we will discuss on how to use menus in WordPress.

How To Use Menus In WordPress

WordPress allows you to create as many menus as you want to. They will further depend on the type of theme and widgets that are currently in use. Also, while creating menus you should keep your user’s convenience in mind. It should be easy for the users to easily use the menus option.

Steps to use menus in WordPress

Using menus in WordPress is seriously a no big deal. It can be a bit confusing and a bit difficult for the beginners. But here we will discuss some of the best and easy steps to use menus in WordPress. These steps will make user’s experience seriously good. So scroll down and have a look on the much easy steps.

Creating the menus

If your WordPress has no menu then it is time now to create one as soon as possible. This will be the first baby step in using the menus. To create menu go the appearance and then settings. After this, give a certain name to your menu. You can name it anything because it will be visible to you only. After clicking on create a menu, you will be allowed to build your first menu.

Adding to the menus

On the left side of it, you will be able to see a variety of options like adding pages, posts, custom links etc. Below is the details of the information that will help you to add the aforementioned in the menus.

  • For the addition of pages, you will come across various pages. So just select the pages you want to add and then after selecting add them into the menus option.
  • Posts will have the same criteria and a set of steps that will allow you to add posts in the menus.
  • Categories option will allow you to make specific categories for your services or products or it could be anything related to your website.
  • Custom link will also allow you to add links to the menus.

Menu settings

This is one of the important steps that you should do with proper care while using menus. You should properly adjust all the settings. There are primary two settings that need to be done and they are auto-add pages and theme settings. Your menus will appear on the basis of themes and widgets you are using. Once you are done with adding all the settings your menu will finally be ready.

Menu navigation labels

When you add anything to the menus it will automatically pull in the title. But there will be no space left in the words. So to prevent this situation you can take the help of menu navigation label editing option. Therefore, it a nice option to edit these type of mistakes.

Menu locations and custom menu

This tab allows you to also assign which menus you want to the locations according to your theme. If you use WordPress on a regular basis then you might be aware of the term custom menu. You surely have wanted to have a menu option at the side of the footer or header. So to add a menu you can custom menu which will allow you to add menus to it. You can either add the existing menus or just can create a new one for it.


Menus are extremely important to get the things sorted and in place all the time. Above mentioned are the best methods you can follow to use menus in your WordPress account. So I hope this might have been helpful for you in some way. Go ahead and now start using menus for your own good and easiness.

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