Does Traffic Have Impact On Google Rankings

Does Traffic Have Impact on Google Rankings – Do you know the importance of traffic for Google rankings? How does the traffic impact on Google rankings? If these questions are troubling you then you are at the right place. Traffic surely plays a very important part in the rankings on the search engine results. Gone are those offline days, now people prefer online methods to look and buy anything.

Does Traffic Have Impact on Google Rankings

Traffic does have an impact on the Google rankings both in positive and negative ways. Google has various algorithms to know the worth of a website. If your website is attractive, genuine and relatable then you will get immense traffic and that will also lead to higher rankings.

Importance of good rankings for your website

It is extremely important to have high rankings for your website and services. Good rankings mean more people will trust and know about your services. This will eventually lead to greater profits than before. There are plenty of ways through which you can get better rankings. Below listed are some of the perks of the top ranks that will convince you to now work on your website.

  • Your website on the top ranks means higher traffic and eventually more profit.
  • Higher ranks will enhance the brand reputation.
  • Top ranks on the search engine results will increase your online visibility.
  • More people will visit your website that will increase the chances of conversions.
  • Your services will get more leads than before.

How does traffic have an impact on the Google rankings?

Yes, traffic most certainly does affect your page rank and overall Google rankings. It is important to have traffic on your website in order to increase your rankings. Once visitors are on your site, it is also important for them to engage with it, this too helps with site rankings. More traffic means better ranks for your website and services. Google has various methods and ways that help it to depict the website’s demand and its worth. So, if you really want better ranks for your website then you need to work on your traffic.

Steps to increase traffic for your website

Now, you might be wondering about the steps to increase your traffic on the website. Well, there are plenty of ways through which you can secure the top ranks on the search engine results. Below listed are some of the factors that you should definitely focus on to get better results.

Creative and attractive content

Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors that brings you better and immense traffic. If you have a relevant content that has the capability to relate with the audience then nothing can stop you getting better results. So, make sure you write the best content for your website to reach your target audience.


Backlinks are yet another important factor that should be kept in mind to get better traffic. More links will still result in a higher score, but only if they’re from a number of diverse and authoritative domains. So make sure you properly optimize your backlinks to get improved results.

Mobile friendly design

You would rarely find a person who does not use smartphones. If your website isn’t accessible through phones then there are chances that you might lose quality customers. Therefore, to attain better traffic it is important to focus on the mobile friendly design.


So, if you were struggling to find whether traffic have an impact on Google rankings then I hope this might have been useful. Traffic affects your rankings on the search engine results in numerous ways that are explained above. So, if you want better traffic and ranks then it is advisable to work towards your website to get better results.

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