Top SEO Extensions For Magento

Top SEO extensions for magento

Top SEO extensions for Magento – Are you looking for the best SEO extensions for your Magento? If yes, then you have found the right place. SEO extensions are a must to improve your website or more specifically a magento based website. There are a whole lot of SEO extensions available but if you want good results then you need to choose the most appropriate one that will work best for your magento websites.

Top SEO extensions for magento

Optimization is the necessity for any type of website to grow and excel in the digital world. SEO extensions allows you to optimize your magento based website faster so that you can perform much better. A well optimized magento website will attract more customers and eventually you will get more profits.

Best SEO extensions for Magento 

There are many good SEO extensions that can confuse you to choose from. SEO extensions can make a website better in terms of performance, quality and everything related. Below mentioned are the best SEO extensions for magento that you can choose for the better.

Creare SEO

This is one of the best SEO extension for magento. It has features like unique category headlines, Noindex on category filters, 301 redirects, ability to disable keywords and meta descriptions, default Meta description and much more. The best part of downloading this SEO extension that is absolutely free with lots of unique features included.

XML Google Sitemap

If you are a regular internet user or involved in the SEO world then you might be aware of this amazing SEO extension for Magento. This is one of the best extensions that you can use for you magento website. This is also free with absolutely beneficial features. It comes with warranty and have multiple store supports. It has other features like custom theme capabilities, fast algorithms, no store or product or domain view limits etc. to name a few.

Canonical URLs

You can download this amazing SEO extension for magento for free. After downloading it will automatically add canonical URLs to the head of your website pages. Also it will support the automatic or manual selection of the URLs. Also it will get the actual category URL and if its a CMS page then it will get the actual URL from the database.

Magento SEO

This is a paid SEO extension for magento but is worth every penny. It ensures that your magento based website will rank higher on every search engines. Other features include canonical URL building, extending qualitative backlinks, super easy and fast installation and much other beneficial features.

Magento SEO extensions

This is yet another beneficial SEO extension that works better for your magento website. It has several effective features like it adds canonical URL in the sitemap, layered navigation URL, product tags, review URLs, supports multi store views, auto generate the user friendly site map and much more that will improve your website so that it can perform well.

Google rich snippets

This is another SEO extension that is really very effective. It uses various rich snippets which further enhances your visibility in the search results. You will get more targeted traffic and boosted conversion rates. This will eventually raise your brand awareness.

Benefits of SEO extensions for magento

There are many benefits of using SEO extensions for magento that ranges from improving your website performance to giving you desired results. This does not sums up as the only benefits but there are many more which are mentioned below in the list.

  • You will get more conversion rates.
  • Your website will get more traffic that will further lead to more potential customers.
  • You will get high ranks on all search engine results.
  • Your website will work appropriately and will look good as well.


Today, SEO extensions have become really important to improve the magento and its overall performance on the internet. So if you were looking for the best SEO extensions for magento then I hope this might have been a bit helpful for you. You can choose any of the above mentioned extension and see your magento website growing in the digital world.

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