Top Mobile App Development Companies in Houston

mobile app development company in Houston

Top Mobile App Development Agencies in Houston – Mobile app development is to create software applications for wireless computing devices such as smartphones. In this chapter, we would like to mull over some industry-leading mobile app development agencies in Houston. It is good to go to any of them if you want a specific mobile software for your brand.

The Ever-Growing Smartphone Industry Magnetizes the Mobile Apps Industry

Mobile devices have revolutionized the technology sector overwhelmingly during the last 10 to 15 years. There was a glut of portable devices, especially after the launch of 3G and 4G network streams. In 2019, the smartphone market was valued at 714.96 billion US dollars. It is supposed to cross 1351.8 billion US dollars by 2025 at a CAGR of 11.2%.

Accordingly, the mobile app industry also has registered a whopping growth over the years. We can infer the popularity of mobile apps from this fact – Apple launched the iOS App Store with only 500 apps in 2008. But now there are over 1.85 million apps available to download. The Google Play Store has an even bigger number – 2.56 million apps.


“The mobile app development industry value is expected to reach $600 billion in 2020.”

Like software development, mobile app development also requires a certain set of technical qualifications and knowledge of the domain. It uses a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Some of the major types of mobile apps are Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, and HTML5 Apps.

Mobile apps are particularly intended to reap the advantages of these devices’ unique features and hardware configurations.

How a Mobile App Benefits Businesses in Houston?

Mobile apps are becoming the backbone for businesses at pace. They bring myriads of benefits for businesses as follows:

  • Increases brand recognition
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Enhances customer engagement
  • Increases sales and revenue
  • Provides value to customers
  • Informs users about new products, offers etc.
  • Syncs email and social media accounts
  • Targets potential customers
  • Sparks your brand in the crowd
  • Improves visibility
  • Generates trust and confidence amongst customers
  • Brings professionalism

Best Mobile App Development Agencies in Houston?

Houston is a dynamic city based in the United States of America. It is among the rapidly burgeoning economies with tons of business startups and ventures. Every business aims to surpass competitors by juggling every means and weapons.

Consequently, we can see numerous mobile app developers in the city to meet business requirements. The following is the list of some selected brands for you:


Tekrevol is a dedicated mobile app developer to provide technological solutions to ventures and startups. It has helped thousands of clients in achieving their real-time business goals through innovative mobile applications.

It is a fully-fledged mobile development company in Houston, California, Pakistan and Estonia. They build mobile apps for platforms like Android, iOS etc.

Address: 1301 Fannin St, #2440, Houston, TX

Octal Digital

Octal Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Houston. They deliver astonishing web-based solutions to clients to help them attain business ambitions cost-effectively.

The company has a creative team of Android and iOS app developers. They are engineering flawless mobile apps for decades using the latest technology and frameworks.

Address: 15115 Park Row Blvd, Suite #350, Houston, TX

Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech provides custom-built and end-to-end mobile solutions to US startups and enterprises. The company works on all the advanced protocols to develop a fully-personalized mobile app for your business.

Further, Mobisoft Infotech deals with iOS app development, Android app development, cross-platform app development and hybrid app development.

Address: 1811 Bering Dr, Suite #200, Houston, TX

Seven Tablets

It is another well-accepted brand in the mobile app development industry in Houston. It serves clients across multiple destinations like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and other cities across the USA.

Seven Tablets serve Fortune 500 companies and newly-established startups with specific and customizable mobile app solutions. They develop, test, and execute the finished product for flawless use.

Address: 1334 Brittmore Road, Suite D, Houston, TX


Vinnove understands clients’ needs and drafts appropriate mobile app development strategies for better outcomes.

Their team of mobile app engineers is an expert in iOS, React, JavaScript, Angular, Android, Node, Amazon, PHP, Flutter and many more technologies.

Furthermore, Vinnove implements intelligently crafted software to uplift users’ experience and business expansions.

Address: 12 Greenway Plaza, Suite #1100, Houston, TX


ViitorCloud includes all-encompassing online services to let your brand tour digital verticals. They have assisted plenty of industries such as retail, FMCG, education, hospitality, eCommerce, logistics, IT infrastructure and other public sectors.

Moreover, the company provides innovative mobile app platforms to businesses. They develop iOS, Android and web-based applications to help you capture your potential customers across every corridor.

Address: 957 NASA Pkwy #1009, Houston, TX


When it comes to developing mobile software, Softeq houses advanced infrastructure to consider all the target platform specifics. The app developer’s team at Softeq boasts significant experience in the field.

Further, the company creates Android, iOS, web-based mobile apps for every business niche. They develop cross-platform apps to help you gain business goals digitally.

Address: 1155 Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 125, Houston, TX


Darwoft is an industry-leading custom software development agency in Houston. It specializes in mobile apps, web apps, and UX development.

Similarly, Darwoft is a comprehensive platform where clients receive all-inclusive online marketing services under a single roof.

Address: 2100 West Loop South, Suite 800, Houston, TX


iWebServices commits to building long-term relations with customers through their high-class web solutions. They are an experienced player in the digital product development field.

Some of their enticing projects are IoT development, iOS app, Android apps, API development blockchain development, plugins & extensions development etc.


A mobile app is crucial for businesses in the modern age. Like websites and social media presence, your brand must be present in different app stores for improved value and recognition.

The various mobile app development agencies in Houston are good to start with. You can discuss your app projects with them to enable your brand to rule the app stores.

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