Top 5 Free Tools For Testing Your Website’s Speed

Top 5 free tools for testing your website's speed

Top 5 free tools for testing your website’s speed – Do you know the top 5 free tools for testing your website’s speed? If not, then this is the perfect place to be in. Website’s speed is very important to bring better ranks, traffic and to improve the overall performance. If you do not have any idea about these type of tools then we are here for your help. Here, we will discuss the best tools that will test your website’s speed.

Top 5 free tools for testing your website's speed

If we talk about the one thing that pleases and excite the customers the most then that has to be website’s loading speed. You can easily down the reputation of your website with slow speed. These days, no one will wait for your site to load for more than a few seconds. Therefore, it is mandatory to use such tools to keep a check on the website’s performance on speed.

Top Free tools to check the speed of your website

The user experience automatically increases a million times if they do not have to wait for the website to load. A website that loads fast holds so much importance and provide so many benefits to both owners and users. Also, it is important to check the speed of your website. Therefore, we have brought you some of the best and free tools to check the speed of your website.

Google page speed insights

This is one of the most effective and influential tools that tells you the exact speed of your website. It has every reason and is definitely worth to look into. It also gives suggestions and recommendations to improve your website’s speed and that are usually based on resource caching, client-server round trips etc. Below mentioned are some of the other benefits and features of Google page speed insights that will compel you to use it right away.

  1. You can use Google page speed insights to check the speed of both desktop pages and mobile pages as well.
  2. This tool also analyzes the content on your website.
  3. It also gives you suggestions so that you can work against the factors that are letting your website down.

YSlow for checking the website’s speed

YSlow is a free plugin that tells you the speed of your website. This is one of the best tools in existence you can use. Also, it will tell you some suggestions that you can implement for the betterment and improvement of your website real quick.


This is yet another great tool that can be really beneficial for you to grade your website’s speed. One another reason to use this is it is almost similar as Google page insights. It will tell you more than 30 different ways through which you can improve your website’s overall performance speed. This will also tell you about the Yslow score of your website which will do nothing but help you improve your website more.

Pingdom tools for website’s speed

Pingdom is basically a website that offers various speed tests for your website. It will notify you the speed of your website. One major benefit of using this tool to check the website’s speed is that it gives you the report and grades of how well your website’s speed is. Its report is divided into four parts and they are mentioned below in the list.

  • Waterfall breakdown
  • Page analysis
  • History
  • Performance records


This is another amazing tool to check your website’s speed. It will tell you the exact speed of your website and will give you suggestions to improve them. What makes Pagelocity different from other tools is that you get to check your competitor’s website’s speed too. So, it can prove to be the best tool for you if you want the best results.


Aforementioned, are the best tools that can help you drive your business to new heights. They are the perfect tools that will help you to keep a check on your website’s speed. So, go ahead and choose any of these tools to get to know about your website’s speed.

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