Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

SEO Freelancers in India

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India – There are many things to unpack if you want to learn Digital marketing in depth. Digital marketing involves many strategies to establish a strong brand presence, SEO is one of the digital marketing strategies that generates a high return on investment and provides long-term benefits. But do remember that good SEO results are only possible if you select the right professional for it. India is home to many freelancer SEO specialists and experts who are proven to be the best in their game. Below we have curated a list of the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

SEO is short for search engine optimization and is defined as a process that is used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, link popularity, and content relevance to increase visibility on SERP.  SEO is one of the most essential strategies to yield measurable results in digital marketing. 

For a successful SEO campaign, it is very important to choose an ideal professional who possesses the required set of skills and knowledge. Due to the high demand for SEO services, many brands are ready to pay a large amount to freelancer SEO experts and specialists just to improve their search engine ranking. 

You will be astonished to hear that, the global freelance SEO services market size is projected to reach US4 32.13 billion by the year 2028 at a whooping compound annual growth rate of 17.6%.

SEO Freelancers in India – 

Rank Name Expertise Company
1 Mohit Mehra Website ranking & visibility WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd
2 Jagjeet Singh Pandha Organic traffic & lead generation WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd
3 Jagdish Prajapat Organic leads & engagement JP SEO Expert
4 Anand Kumar Jha B2B SEO (keywords, competitors, content) AnandKJha™
5 Jijo Joseph SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing JIJO JOSEPH SEO
6 Gaurav Dubey Performance Marketing & Digital Marketing Kings of Digital Marketing
7 Dinesh Singh End-to-end SEO & online marketing Dinesh SEO Freelance
8 Vineeth Mungath Tailor-made digital marketing solutions crazy webs & Mungath IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
9 Akshar Gomez Long-term SEO for ranking & visibility 7 Eagles
10 Upendra Goswami Advanced SEO & marketing strategies Entirety Web Solutions

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

An SEO freelancer is known to create and implement essential strategies to optimize the content to achieve the highest ranking and visibility so that it is more likely to show up as a top search result. The listed Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India are known to deliver effective and measurable results for their clients. 

Mohit Mehra – 

Mr. Mohit Mehra is one of the most reputed names when it comes to the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India. He prioritizes every need of his client and works accordingly to improve the website ranking and visibility in organic search results. Through his vast experience in SEO services, Mr. Mehra has helped and assisted thousands of clients, which has made him the top contender among the other freelancers. He has also established himself as a director and SEO head of WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd. Through this organization he is offering extensive SEO and digital marketing services and helping many businesses to build a strong online presence.

Jagjeet Singh Pandha

Mr. Jagjeet, a dedicated SEO head and director of WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd is another SEO freelancer, who is bringing a revolution in the SEO industry through his expertise and set of skills. He is aimed at driving new leads for the associated business with increased organic traffic. On top of that, his vast knowledge of SEO services, Content marketing, and media marketing provides a well-rounded approach to the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Jagdish Prajapat – 

Jagdish Prajapat is an experienced SEO expert, who is helping hundreds of companies to generate organic leads and engagement towards their products and services. With his in-depth knowledge of over 200 search engine ranking factors, he has emerged out to be one of the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India.  He offers his services to regions including Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur,  Mumbai, and others. Currently, he is working independently under JP SEO Expert. 

Anand Kumar Jha –

 With an experience of 11 years, Anand Kumar Jha has helped over 100 clients with proven SEO strategies. He mostly works with B2B companies with expertise in keyword research, competitor analysis, content research, and online marketing strategies. In addition to this, he has also been certified by Google and Hubspot in digital marketing. Right now he is working as a full-time freelancer SEO expert in his group called AnandKJha™.

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

Jijo Joseph –

 Due to his stronghold in skills like  SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, Jijo Joseph is yielding outstanding results for his clients. To date, he has completed over 200 projects and has conducted over 1000 SEO audits. On top of that, he has also been guiding many aspirants through JIJO JOSEPH SEO.

Gaurav Dubey – 

Gaurav Dubey is a talented and qualified digital marketing freelancer in India with an experience of more than 10 years. His in-depth knowledge and familiarity with both Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing have helped him make a strong presence all over India. He is also the founder and CEO of Kings of Digital Marketing. Through this organization, he has helped over 750 clients by generating higher traffic, leads, and engagement.  

Dinesh Singh – 

Dinesh Singh is a freelance SEO and digital marketing expert with a proven record of results.  Through his group Dinesh SEO Freelance based in Delhi, he is driving optimum results for many clients in terms of end-to-end SEO and online marketing solutions. He only follows ethical and transparent whitehead SEO practices.  

Vineeth Mungath –

 Vineet is an experienced SEO freelancer based in Kerala. With an experience of more than 7 years in digital marketing and search engine optimization, he has worked with many different clients. He offers tailor-made digital marketing solutions as per his client preference and makes sure that there is complete transparency in his work.  His hard work and dedication towards SEO solutions have established him as the founder and CEO of crazy webs and Mungath IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Akshar Gomez – 

Akshar Gomex has helped many medium-sized to large-size businesses by implementing effective SEO strategies. With vast experience, he has helped over 200 clients from over 10 countries. He implements effective and long-run SEO strategies to meet the specific needs of their customers and to increase their ranking and visibility on SERP.  He is also working as a growth marketer and SEO expert in 7 Eagles.

Upendra Goswami –

 Upendra is one the leading SEO freelancers in India and uses advanced marketing and SEO strategies to grow businesses. He is an SEO expert and owner at Entirety Web Solutions. Through his organization, he is offering 360-degree marketing solutions to help businesses build a strong brand presence and increase engagement. 


SEO is an important part of Digital marketing and is helping many businesses and brands to improve the visibility, positioning, and appearance of their web pages in organic search results. Selecting an ideal SEO freelancer can unlock all these opportunities. The above-mentioned Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India have helped many clients boost their authority and credibility online. 

FAQs regarding Top 10 SEO Freelancers in India

Question 1. How much does a freelancer SEO expert can earn in India?

Answer 1. In India, the monthly salary of a freelancer SEO expert can range from INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 or more. 

Question 2. What are the benefits associated with being an SEO freelancer?

Answer 2.  There are many advantages to becoming a Seo freelancer as mentioned below. 

  • You will have the liberty to choose your client or project. 
  • There is no location restriction so can can work anywhere in the world as long as you meet all client’s needs.
  • You can choose whether you want to work full-time or part-time.
  • You will have the flexibility to work on different niches of projects which will help you gain more experience. 
Question 3. What are the set of skills required to be an SEO freelancer?

Answer 3. To have a successful career as a SEO freelancer you need to have the required set of skills.

  • SEO knowledge 
  • On-Page optimization 
  • Off-page optimization 
  • Keyword research
  • Link building 
  • Content strategy 
  • Technical SEO
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Good communication 
  • Project management 
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical proficiency
Question 4. How can we become an SEO freelancer in India?

Answer 4. To become a successful SEO freelancer in India, you need to follow these steps. 

  • Become an SEO expert 
  • Create a work portfolio
  • Grow your market
  • Create a professional and attractive website
  • Build a strong brand and social media presence 
  • Obtain the right SEO tools
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