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eenTop 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi – Today, achieving a strong online presence has become a very important part of establishing any successful business of any kind. But to achieve a relevant digital presence you need the help of certain professionals. SEO specialists act as digital marketing wizards and assist many businesses and brands achieve higher ranking and visibility on search engines while attracting large customers.

These professionals are providing their services through established organizations or as freelancers all over the world. If are you also looking for a reliable, skillful, and experienced freelance SEO to establish your brand at the top position then this blog has the answers to all your queries. Following this blog we have mentioned the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi to help you find the ideal one.  

Delhi is no doubt one of the biggest business centers of India with a huge industry base including IT, telecommunications, hotels, banking, media, tourism, construction, power, health, community services, and real estate. This city is also home to many SEO freelancers who are providing their expertise in improving a brand’s or business’s online presence and visibility. So that they rank at the top position on search engine result pages to drive organic traffic, which ultimately increases sales. 

As the need for highly skilled and talented SEO freelancers is increasing, the global SEO freelance market size is also rising. In fact, according to a recent report the global freelance SEO services market size is estimated to reach US$ 32.13 billion by the year 2028 from US$ 16.8 billion in 2024 at an exceptional growth rate of 17.6%.  

SEO Freelancers in Delhi –

Rank Name Company Specialization
1 Mohit Mehra WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd All aspects of SEO
2 Jagjeet Singh Pandha WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd Keyword research & content creation
3 Gaurav Dubey Kings of Digital Marketing Result-oriented SEO & digital marketing
4 Ravi Verma Freaky SEO SEO strategy & roadmaps
5 Parveen Kumar Parveen SEO Expert On-page & off-page SEO
6 Keshav SEO Rank Expert (SRE) Web Solutions All aspects of digital presence
7 Viren Negi AdonWebs White hat SEO & competitor analysis
8 Vipul Rajput Vipul Rajput SEO SEO services with fast results
9 Sanjay Choubey Sanjay Choubey Digital Marketer SEO with a focus on revenue generation
10 Anand Kumar Jha AnandKjha SEO with a focus on ROI

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi

Being an SEO freelancer requires a required set of skills and expertise to yield measurable results. The listed Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi are equipped with the skills and knowledge that are helping many businesses, funneling traffic and engagement toward their web pages and gaining customers. 

Mohit Mehra – 

Mr. Mohit Mehra has mastered all essential strategies for exceptional SEO services leading to high ROI results. Mr. Mehra has helped many organizations from different categories including healthcare, immigration, solar, astrology, E-commerce, hospitality, event management, real estate, and many others by increasing their online presence and visibility. His in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms and current market trends makes him one of the contenders among the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi. Through being one of the co-founders of WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd,  he has shown a proven track record of results in terms of organic traffic, engagement, leads, and sales. 

Jagjeet Singh Pandha – 

Mr. Jagjeet Singh Pandha is another freelance service provider in Delhi. Through his expertise in ranking factors and SEO algorithms, he has won the trust of many brands not only in Delhi but across all of India. As a co-founder of WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd, he is improving search engine ranking with the help of relevant keyword research and SEO-optimized content creation. He handles each of his projects with equal priority and importance leading to organic traffic and high ranking making him one of the biggest names in the freelance SEO industry.  

Gaurav Dubey – 

Gaurav Dubey is a freelance SEO expert and founder of Kings of Digital Marketing. Since 2013, he has handled over 700 projects through result-oriented SEO and digital marketing services.  Through his SEO services, he guarantees to rapidly increase a brand’s online presence while improving its ranking and visibility. 

Ravi Verma – 

Ravi Verma is another SEO expert and freelancer from Delhi helping many organization increase their traffic and revenue.  He prepares a road map outlining your business and its goals to deliver achievable results. Through his company Freaky SEO, he has been offering his SEO skills as an asset to many business that seeks a strong and dominant digital presence. 

Parveen Kumar – 

With an experience of 5 years, Praveen has established himself as one of the most renowned SEO freelancers in Delhi. Pravee has specialization in on-page and off-page SEO, he has been offering his exclusive services higher ranking and earning more relevant traffic. With the help of his company Parveen SEO Expert, he offers affordable SEO services packages. 

Keshav – 

Through his company SEO Rank Expert (SRE) Web Solutions, Keshav is emerging to be one of the top SEO freelancers in Delhi. His range of skills covers every possible element that is required to achieve optimum digital presence for better customer engagement and long-term profits. 

Viren Negi –

 Viren has shown a proven track record with marvelous results for many B2b and B2C clients with the help of white hat  SEO techniques. As an owner of AdonWebs, he incorporates advanced SEO tools like Ahref & Semrush to do keyword research & competitor analysis leading to 1st page ranking. 

Vipul Rajput – 

Vipul is knowingly one of the best SEO freelancers in Delhi with an immense experience of 8 years. He delivers top-notch SEO services that yield marvelous results in a very short period. He handles all of these projects through Vipul Rajput SEO and caters to every customer’s need while maximizing digital presence and search engine ranking.  

Sanjay Choubey –

 Sanjay is enriched with 5 years of experience in digital marketing with a specialization in SEO services. He offers a full set of SEO services through understanding the latest algorithms leading to higher revenue generations for many brands.  He offers his SEO services through his website Sanjay Choubey Digital Marketer.

Anand Kumar Jha –  

Anand Kumar is another renowned SEO freelancer in India due to his exceptional delivery of SEO services. With immense experience in this industry, he creates realistic optimization tactics that produce high ROI results. Through his company AnandKjha, he is improving the ranking and visibility of many associated brands and businesses on SERP.


SEO is a crucial concept of digital marketing that is helping many businesses establish a relevant digital presence while generating organic engagement and leads for a brand. The listed Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi have mastered this ever-changing field by yielding marvelous results. 

FAQS Regarding Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Delhi 

Question 1. How much an SEO freelancer can make in Delhi?

Answer 1.  On average, a fresher SEO freelancer can earn a pretty decent package of around INR 1,50,000 to 2,50,000 per annum depending upon the business type, number of projects handled, ROI generated, and size of the clients. While gaining more experience the amount can surely increase. 

Question 2 Which Country has the largest market size for SEO freelancers?

Answer 2. Freelance SEO services are creating a huge market all over the world with the greatest share by the following countries. 

  • Australia 
  • United States 
  • Canada 
  • Germany 
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdoms 
  • Spain 
  • India 
Question 3. Is there a scope for freelance SEO  in India?

Answer 3. As more and more businesses understand the need for digital presence, the scope of Freelance SEO is experiencing a robust rise. With a bright future full of golden opportunities, the scope of freelance SEO is quite broad while assisting digital marketing companies, E-commerce companies, and in-house marketing teams of many professionals. By gaining experience and staying up-to-date with the latest market trends any freelance SEO professional can have a successful career in this dynamic industry.

Question 4. What strategies are used by an SEO freelancer to yield the desired result? 

Answer 4.  A talented and skilled freelancer SEO uses the listed strategies to show marvelous results. 

  • Holistic keyword research 
  • Leverage local SEO
  • Establishing a strong social media presence
  • Improving already existing content 
  • Creative backlinking
  • Custom web design
  • Competition data analysis 
  • Optimize image for SEO
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