Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai – Effective SEO services are the basis of a successful digital business promotion. To take over this ever-evolving field and stay ahead of the potential competitors you need to partner with a reliable and experienced freelancing SEO expert. These freelancers understand the importance of a cohesive digital marketing strategy that aligns with their business goals. So, if you are confused about choosing the best SEO freelancer then we have curated a list of the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai, to help you choose the right one. 

Search engine optimization sets the cornerstone for the success of a digital marketing strategy. So, these services and service providers are very much in demand. A freelancer SEO expert delivers effective results for their clients through their expertise and skills. They generate high Business leads and Brand awareness by implementing highly structured SEO Services, and impressive online marketing campaigns.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu state in India holds a huge scope for effective service. This city is home to a large pool of talented and qualified SEO freelancers who are offering their services to a huge client base globally. Due to the abundance of this kind of service, Chennai has established itself as the second-largest exporter of IT and IT-enabled Services in the country. Besides IT, this city is also dominated by other industries like agriculture, finance, pharmaceuticals, software services, healthcare, and hardware with an estimated GDP contribution of US$128.3 billion.    

List of SEO Freelancers in Chennai

Name Company  Focus
Mohit Mehra WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd ROI-driven SEO
Jagjeet Singh Pandha WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd Organic results & 1st-page ranking
Jijo Joseph Jijo Joseph SEO Effective SEO services
SatheesKumar SEO Freelancer in Chennai Result-based SEO service
Palanivel Raja Palanivel Raja Effective results & top rankings
Vijay SEO expert Vijay SEO 100% results in committed time
Nijanthan Rajasekar ISoftHorizon Information Technology LLC Group SEO & web development
Rajarajan T GoodBooks ERP Customer-centric SEO
Asha T Madathil Aeropost Website optimization
Ashkar Gomez 7Eagles Conversion & revenue-driven SEO

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai

The listed Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai are known to use their extensive experience in conducting market research and competitor analysis to implement effective strategies to drive traffic, increase brand visibility, generate leads, and improve conversions for their client’s brands. 

1. Mohit Mehra –

Mr. Mohit Mehra is an exceptional SEO freelancer who has been offering ROI-driven SEO services for over the last decade. Through his comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding search engine optimization SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and web analytics,  he has helped over 1000+ clients from different industries worldwide. 

Being one of the most reputed names among the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai. Mr. Mehra understands the importance of creating a cohesive SEO strategy that aligns with their client’s goals and target market. His proficiency in SEO has established him as one of the Managing directors of WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd. 

2. Jagjeet Singh Pandha –

With an aim to drive the best Organic result and 1st-page ranking for his client’s brand. Mr. Jagjeet is recognized as one of the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai.  Through his extensive expertise in conducting competitor analysis and market research,  he helps his clients maximize their business potential and drive organic traffic and visibility. 

They handle a huge client base from different coming from different areas like pharmaceutical, Healthcare, beauty, manufacturing, construction, tour& travel, hospitality, F&B, finance, automobile, telecommunication, and many others. Currently, he is working as Managing director at WebHopers Infotech Private Ltd.    

3. Jijo Joseph –

By working independently under his Website Jijo Joseph, he offers effective SEO services that result in great business performance. His cost-effective services have assisted him show an impressive track record of success. By understanding the importance of good quality content, he gives a strong emphasis on developing effective, relevant, and credible content strategies.    

4. SatheesKumar –

Sathees is a leading SEO freelancer in Chennai because of this result-based SEO service that has helped many businesses unlock their full digital potential. Through his website SEO Freelancer in Chennai, he offers ROI-focused services that help save time, and money with a 99% client retention rate. 

5. Palanivel Raja – 

Palanivel Raja i another freelancing SEO expert who has shown a notable track record in SO services. With a huge focus on delivering effective results and top rankings, he has been offering his services worldwide. He offers his services through his website “Palanivel Raja”.  

6. Vijay SEO expert –

Vijat has been working independently through his website Vijay SEO. He is quite known for yielding 100% results in the committed time that leads to better visibility and the highest ranking for their client brand. Through his extensive experience of 7+ years, he has catered to various needs of his clients all across India. 

7. Nijanthan Rajasekar –

Nijanthan Rajaseka is one of the progressive names that comes to our mind when we talk about the Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai. Through his focus on search engine optimization and web development services, he has contributed to maximizing website visibility through Google optimization, market research, and SMO campaigns for various clients. Right now he has been offering his services through ISoftHorizon Information Technology LLC Group.   

8. Rajarajan T –

By using customer-centric approaches, Rajarajan offers his SEO services tailored to the needs of his clients with full chances of customization. His cost-effective services help a business achieve a notable digital presence with improved visibility and ranking. Right now he is working as Senior Digital Marketing Executive in GoodBooks ERP.  

Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai

9. Asha T Madathil –

With a hands-on experience of 6+ years, Asha T Madathil has specialed in optimizing websites for increasing online visibility, ranking, and driving targeted traffic. While working as a Head of Search Engine Optimization at, she is managing many SEO campaigns that are assured to have high ROIs.  

10. Ashkar Gomez –

Ashkar Gomez is a name that is very well-known for redefining the SEO industry through his different ways of approaching SEO. Each of his campaigns and projects is designed in such a way that it drives conversions and revenue for a business rather than clicks and impressions. Through his organization, 7Eagles he has helped over 200+ reputed clients in over 10 countries. 


The above-mentioned Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai have shown excellent proficiency in using various online marketing tools and platforms to ensure that their clients stay ahead of the competition while optimizing campaign performance.   

FAQS concerning the “Top 10 SEO Freelancers in Chennai”   

Question 1. How much do SEO freelancer can make in Chennai?

Answer 1. To understand the exact cost you need to get a clear idea about the factors affecting it including the experience, no. of projects handled, type of projects handled, and services offered. On average, a freelancer can earn a good amount between INR 30,000 to INR 50,000. 

Question 2. How to find a reliable and experienced SEO freelancer in Chennai?

Answer 2.  You find good and reliable SEO freelancers, you need to evaluate them on the following basis. 

  • Matches your business niche or goals
  • Owns a professional website 
  • Services offered by them
  • Previous client reviews 
  • Project samples 
  • Time-efficiency 
Question 3. Is SEO freelancer a good career opportunity?

Answer 3. Being an SEO freelancer can turn out to be an exceptional career opportunity with a proven set of skills and experience. Being a freelancer in this field not only drives financial benefits but also offers great benefits like location flexibility, more time freedom, control over earning, and self-management

Question 4. What Professional Skills are required to have a successful career as an SEO freelancer? 

Answer 4. To have a successful career as a SEO freelancer you need to acquire the following set of skills. 

  • Basic SEO concepts 
  • Keyword research
  • On-page and Off-page optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Performance tracking 
  • Content marketing strategies 
  • Business admin 


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