Top 10 PPC Companies In Canada


Top 10 PPC Companies In Canada– Pay Per Click companies in Canada make businesses a brand. PPC is a paid method to make connections with your targeted audience. In the competitive era, every people use the PPC trick to famous the business. Hence, PPC companies play a vital role in the success of the brands. If we talk about Canada, then PPC companies are on the top place because Canada has its top-class PPC experts.


With the growing industry, PPC companies in Canada are also growing. These companies serve Canadian clients and international clients too. To clear the importance of PPC companies, here are some benefits that these companies offer.

  • Help to increase the traffic
  • Enhance the quality
  • Increase the ranking

List Of Top PPC Companies In Canada

When we try something, then we suffer the internet for its information. The same is happening in this case. before choosing the PPC company for your business, it is essential to check the possible things about that company. So, to help you, we prepared a list of top 10 Canadian Pay Per Click companies.

1.) ClientFlo: –

ClientFlo is an award-wining PPC company in Canada. Since 2004, this company serves its best PPC services to the clients. Not only Canadian clients are using its services but international clients are also pleased to use the services. They work with a range of clients, including small businesses, professional services, national brands, and franchises. With having 9 staff members, this company doing amazing.

Services Offer: –

  • Pay Per Click
  • Internet marketing

Address: – Toronto, Canada.

2.) Courimo: –

It is the Montreal based PPC company in Canada. This founded 2 years back. Although it is recently founded, in short ti,e this gets popularity. it has 9 staff members, all are PPC experts. The company aims to meet the requirements of clients.

Services Offer:-

  • PPC
  • Link building

Address: – 225 Rue Chabanel O, MontrealQC H2N 2C9, Canada.

3. Adster Creative: –

This PPC company in Canada is very popular for its work. A decade before, Adster Creative established in Edmonton. They have a team of 50 members and are committing to offering measures, result-driven PPC services.

Services Offer:-

  • Online marketing
  • Pay Per Click

Address: – 9816A 44 Ave NW, EdmontonAB T6E 5E5, Canada.

4.) Meshroad Agency: –

The best company known for the PPC services in Canada is Meshroad Agency. This founded 1 year ago. They do not have a big team, they have 50 members in the team. All the members are dedicated to providing PPC services to clients.

Services Offer: –

  • Internet marketing
  • PPC
  • SMO

Address: – 9623 Manchester Dr, BurnabyBC V3N4Y8, Canada.

5.) Collabo: –

This company is providing PPC services in Canada. It is started in 2009. Due to this, it has a great experience in this field. They are 9 team members in the team. They succeed because of their client’s support.

services offer: –

  • Pay Per Click
  • SMM

Address:- 904- 128 W Cordova St, VancouverBC V6B 2N3, Canada.

6.) Digital Shift: –

Digital Shift is the best PPC company in Canada. This founded in 2017. It has 9 team members and all are famous for promoting the advertisements online. They believe in providing quality services.

Services Offer: –

  • Advertising services
  • PPC

Address: – Kitchener, Canada.

7.) Top Draw: –

The renowned company in PPC services is Top Draw. It has a long experience because it started in 1993. They have a small team of 50 members. This has the motive of turning visitors into customers.

Services Offer: –

  • Pay per click
  • Internet advertising

Address: – 10210 111 Street NW, EdmontonAB T5K 1K9, Canada.

8.) TTBA Group: –

when there is talk about PPC companies then the conversation is not completed without discussing TTBA Group. In the year 2014, this introduced in Montreal. This does not have a large number of members.

Services Offer: –

  • Pay Per Click
  • Advertisements promotion

Address: – 5538 St. Patrick, MontrealQC H4E 1A8, Canada.

9.) Search & Gather: –

Search & Gather is the best PPC company in Canada. This started 3 years before. this company has many projects. due to many clients, this company opened 2 offices in Toronto. With its 50 members, it serves the services to clients.

Services Offer: –

  • PPC
  • SMO

Address: – 18 Hook Ave, TorontoON M4B1B8, Canada.

10.) Welby Consulting: –

The amazing PPC company in Canada is Welby Consulting. 4 years ago, this introduced in the PPC industry. This company has 9 members and the best thing is that all are very talented. They use the latest technologies to give efficient output to clients.

Services Offer: –

  • PPC
  • Internet Marketing

Address: – 220 12 Ave SE, CalgaryAB T2G 0Z7, Canada.

Why these are the best PPC companies in Canada?

Well, the above-mentioned list is prepared after doing a lot of work on this. These are highly-ranked, reputed, and experienced companies. If you want to make your business a brand, then without any doubt just choose one of them. Moreover, they help you to grow the productivity of your business. To know more about these PPC companies in Canada, visit our official site (

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