Top 10 Lead Management Software In India

Lead Management Software in India

Top 10 Lead Management Software In India – The lead management software, an essential key to the growth of the business. This software helps to manage all the leads, tracks the necessary details and make sure to provide a clear graph of growth. The lead management software manages all the queries in such a way that maintains the customer’s complete information record in order to maintain the leads. This software is in huge demand as it plays a vital role to grow any business. Let us know more about the best lead management software in India.

Lead Management Software in India

No business can grow without this software as these are the basic and prime key of the growth whether its a small scale business or large scale the lead management software.

Top 10 Lead Management Software In India

There are many lead management software in India that offers advanced features that helps out in a great way to manage all the leads, employees work goes smoothly and the leads turn into sales. The lead management software is highly beneficial and all the companies use the software to manage the leads in a better way. These are the best software services which are in great demand. Scroll down to know the Top 10 Lead Management Software In India.

WHSuite (Lead Management System)

WHSuite is the top lead management system in India. This software provides immense features that become a necessity for each business. You can check the complete details of the software by visiting the official website i.e.

Zoho CRM (Best Lead Follow Up System)

The Zoho CRM, the well-renounced software for leads management and that empowers both small and large scale business. It is also known as the lifecycle management solution of the customer relationship. This software helps to manage sales, marketing, and leads. Takes care of all the activities and keep a track of them. The customer support and services and inventory management, this software takes care of each operation and maintains the records.

AWeber Email Marketing

This software is easy for email marketing and is trusted by 100,000 entrepreneurs, the software is beneficial for both small and large scale business. The software is mobile responsive as well, engage automated email campaigns, subscriber management, and segmentation. The software is highly beneficial with 450 integrations and free mobile apps to manage the leads.


AmoCRM a complete st of dashboards, features and integrated designs that helps to grow your business more by managing the leads. It maintains the powerful connections to provide you with loyal customers, the most supportive software throughout the sales and marketing. The software takes care of emails, voice calls, website, chats, etc in order to maintain each aspect.

Sales Rabbit

Based on the research by the top teams in the industry and sales pros this software has proved a game-changing methodology. It targets the main traction points that help the organization in sales mastery. The software helps the organization to stand at the peak and manages all the necessary activities. This is software mountains the leads in a proper way and provides the results rapidly.

Fresh sales

It is full-fledged lead management & CRM software helps the high-velocity sales team,  packed with the advanced features this software is highly powerful and is in huge demand.

  1. Integrated email.
  2. Deal management.
  3. Lead management.
  4. Performance tracking.


This is one of the best lead management software with huge demand in the market and 4 million companies use this software. It is full-featured CRM software and lead management software that offers scoring automation tools, lead management, activities tracking, etc. This is the best software to manage the leads.

FreeAgent CRM

The software is the platform helps to maintain the leads and customers relationships, the software generates the classy leads and manage them in a better way. The system also works automatically and classifies the leads, performs the automation and tracks the activities, maintains the growth charts.


Copper is one of the most impressively featured software for lead management. It seamlessly integrated with G suite and is super easy to use with the better ways of its leads management. Customers love to have this software as this makes easy for them to keep track of everything and generates more sales and profit.


Accelo is the best lead management software that maintains the leads in a better way. The software tracks the activities and shows the graphs of the conversion as well. This software is in huge demand as well and many of the entrepreneurs would like to use this software.


It helps the sales persons to close the deal faster with the help of automated workflows. Also, this software helps to focus on the right deals. You can maintain the leads in such a way that helps out the employees to close the deal and convert the lead into sales. This software is also preferable and helps the organization to grow.


These are the top 10 lead management software in India and the most preferable one. These lead management software helps to generate the leads and maintain them in a most convenient way for the employees. These are of great use and plays a major role in the growth of the business.

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