Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India – The increased craze of social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, X, and Facebook has led to rapid demand for influencer marketing. Countless digital marketing agencies in India offer these services by assisting brands to collaborate with reputed influencers using great Influencer Marketing Platforms. For a productive and enhanced influencer marketing strategy, choosing a valuable influencer marketing platform is essential. Following this blog we are going to discuss the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India. So, don’t go anywhere.

India is home to 462 million social media users, comprising 32.2% of the total nation’s population. As a result, many businesses are now looking forward to effectively using these internet communities for influencer marketing to build a relevant digital presence. On top of that, the market size of influencer marketing is anticipated to reach INR 28 billion by the year 2026. 

Influencer marketing platforms are valuable tools that many influencer marketing agencies use to yield measurable results in terms of engagement, traffic, sales, and leads. 

These powerful tools provide a platform for brands to connect with influencers and get the required campaign results.

 In other words, influencer marketing platforms help a digital marketing agency with influencer selection and vetting tools, managing campaign functionalities, performance analysis, content approval workflows, communication & collaboration tools along data-driven insights. 

Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Platform Description Key Features
Upfluence Uses AI to connect brands and influencers, with a large database for research. AI-powered assistant, Creator matching, Influencer invoicing, Relationship manager, Influencer tracking
Creator.Co Leverages a 300 million influencer database with deep audience insights. Hyper-targeted influencer search, Audience analysis, Social listing, Content amplification, Campaign reporting
Grin Offers influencer search, analytics, and campaign management with a focus on relationship building. Relationship management, Content review & management, Reporting tools, E-commerce tools, Product/gifting tools, Reporting & analytics
Influencity Provides a vast influencer database (170 million) with advanced filtering and strong influencer relationship management. Influencer discovery, Influencer lifestyle management, Campaign management, Campaign reports, Audience analysis, Fraud detection
Izea Uses various criteria to connect brands with relevant influencers. Influencer discovery, Influencer creative strategy, Influencer management services, Campaign management, Paid media optimization, Analytics & reporting
LTK ( Specializes in fashion, travel, fitness, and lifestyle influencers, offering end-to-end campaign management. Discovery, Campaign management, Brand consulting, Audience reporting, Performance tracking, Audience & influencer analysis
InsightIQ Specializes in Facebook and Instagram influencer marketing with a 250 billion influencer database. AI-powered tool, Creator search, Campaign tracking, ROI measurement, Fake follower checker, Engagement rate calculator
Shopify Collabs An all-in-one solution for Shopify users to find and collaborate with influencers. Large influencer base, Sales & engagement analysis, Domains & hosting, Checkout system, Social media integration
IndaHash Tailors influencer marketing for social media campaigns with AI-powered discovery and comprehensive CRM. Gifting campaigns, Content autodiscovery, CRM solutions, Task management, Sales boost campaigns, Growth trackers
Aspire Uses inbound and outbound discovery to find influencers and automates workflows. Content review, Campaign management, E-commerce tools, Social listing, Visual discovery, Payment processing, Product/gifting tools

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Let’s just dive right into the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India that are helping many influencer marketing agencies to create a strong impact regarding brand awareness and finding the right influencers to work with. 

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Upfluence – 

Upfluence has secured the first position among the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India for building valuable partnerships between brands and an influencer which yield great profits and results for both parties. This platform works with AI to improve campaign strategies and offers services to brands, non-profits, and influencer agencies to connect and collaborate. This platform comprises a huge database of 500 million items of content spread across various social media channels through which a business can research an influencer that matches their product and services. 

Key features – 

  • AI powerded chatgpt assistant 
  • Creator matching tools
  • Streamlined influencer invoicing 
  • Creator relationship manager 
  • Influencer tracking 

Creator.Co – 

Creator.Co is a leasing Influencer marketing platform with a database of 300 million influencers making finding the right match easier. This platform provides deep insights into these influencers and their audiences. To begin with, firstly you need to define your campaign as detailed as possible. Then you research an influencer whose algorithm finds and who seems appropriate for your campaign. 

Key features – 

  • Hyper-targeted influencers from different niches 
  • Easy influencer search 
  • Audience analysis
  • Social listing 
  • Content amplification
  • Campaign reporting 

Grin – 

Grin is quite known for its influencer search, analytics, and campaign management services making it the world’s first creator management platform for influence marketing. Grin comprises over 100 million authentic and renowned influencers, offering a huge variety to choose from. Its tool helps you support your influencer marketing strategy at every step from discovery to campaign launch, to reporting and analysis. They help increase both the reach and engagement of the associated brand.  

Key features – 

  • Relationship management 
  • Content review and  management 
  • Reporting tools 
  • E-commerce tools
  • Product/gifting tools 
  • Reporting and analytics 

Influencity –

 Influencity provides the best services through constant improvements and changes. It offers an overwhelming amount of 170 million influencers in its database with great filters to select suitable influencers by digging deep into their profiles. This platform is considered the ultimate influencer marketing hub that maximizes influencer relationship management strategies with solid recruitment, key data, and seamless communication. 

Key features – 

  • Influencer discovery 
  • Influencer lifestyle management 
  • Campaign management 
  • Campaign reports 
  • Audience analysis 
  • Fraud detection  

Izea – 

Izea is another reputed name among the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India that is helping many brands navigate and collaborate with highly renowned and reputed influencers. This platform uses various criteria and filtering options to help brands find relevant, experienced influencers within its huge database. Through this platform, many brands can filter target audiences by age, gender, location, and others. 

Key features – 

  • Influencer discovery 
  • Influencer creative strategy 
  • Influencer management  services 
  • Campaign management 
  • Paid media optimization
  • Analytics and Reporting 

LTK – 

LTK( is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms for brands of any size. They consist of a huge influencer base specializing in fashion, travel, fitness, and lifestyle. They are known to offer end-to-end creator campaign management as well as a consumer shopping app for sale ranging from planning to casting to data analysis.

Key features – 

  • Discovery 
  • Campaign management 
  • Brand consulting 
  • Advanced audience reporting 
  • Performance tracking 
  • Audience and influencer analysis   
InsightIQ – 

InsightIQ is another indispensable tool in the influencer marketing industry with a specialization in Facebook and Instagram. Through a database of 250 billion influencers, they make sure that the associated brand aligns with the researched influencers for qualitative and quantitative results. With the help of comprehensive tracking tools and filters, they ensure every campaign is not a gamble but a strategic move to generate organic traffic and engagement. 

Key features – 

  • AI-powered tool 
  • Creator search 
  • Campaign tracking 
  • ROI measurement 
  • Fake follower checker 
  • Engagement rate calculator 
Shopify Collabs –  

Shopify Collabs is a great tool with all-in-one solutions for navigating influencers and establishing connections. This platform is completely for Shopify users and can save time by creating a custom application page, inviting specific creators, or searching millions of profiles to find the right fit for your venture. 

Key features – 

  • Huge base of influencers 
  • Sales and engagement analysis
  • Domains and hosting 
  • World-class checkout system 
  • Social media integration 
Indahush –

 Indahush is tailoring every need of the associated brand and agency. They help navigate the landscape of top influencers for social media-centric campaigns. In addition to this, it consists of an effective Creator Discovery tool, which uses AI algorithms and over 20 filters to find influencers who perfectly align with the brand’s values and target audience. 

Key features – 

  • Gifting campaigns
  • Content autodiscovery 
  • Comprehensive CRM solutions  
  • Task management 
  • Online sales boost campaigns
  • Growth trackers 
Aspire –

 Aspire is another well-known name among the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India that assist in collaborating with established influencers.  This platform uses inbound and outbound discovery tools to find the best influences in the minimum time possible and use flexible workflows to automate business processes. 

Key features – 

  • Content review 
  • Campaign management 
  • E-commerce tools 
  • Social listing 
  • Visual discovery 
  • Payment processing 
  • product/gifting tools 


To conclude, the listed Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India are executing successful influencer marketing strategies by simplifying the influencer selection process, tracking campaign progress, and streamlining effective collaboration between digital marketing agencies and influencers. 

FAQs Regarding Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Question 1. What are the benefits of using an influencer marketing platform?

Answer 1. An Influencer marketing platform offers many big benefits to an influencer marketing agency as mentioned below. 

  • Influencer marketing platforms ease the influencer selection process with the help of features like influencer discovery tools and advanced research filters. 
  • These platforms also help in tracking the process and analytics of the campaign through key insights like engagement rates, sales generated, ROI, media value, and audience reach.
  • These platforms also help build strong and long-term relations for influencer collaboration by providing a platform for communication and service sharing. 
Question 2. How to select a correct and effective influencer marketing platform?

Answer 2. To select the righteous influencer marketing platform, you need to evaluate the influencer marketing platform on the following basis. 

  • The number and types of influencers in its database.
  • Check whether the influencers are correctly evaluated or not.
  • Social media channels covered by the platform 
  • Types of features the platform provides 
Question 3. How much does an agency have to spend on an influencer marketing platform?

Answer 3. There is no specific amount that you have to spend as the cost depends on various factors including subscription fees, features, scale of the platform, and campaign budget. Sometimes the platform also charges extra fees for other premium features. 

Question 4. What will the Influencer marketing platform market size look like in the upcoming years?

Answer 4. The global market size of influencer marketing platforms is expected to reach US$ 174.60 billion by the year 2031 from US$ 13.78 billion in 2022 at an exceptional growth rate of 38.60% between 2023 to 2031.  

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