Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India

Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India

Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India – Digital Marketing is undoubtedly a fast-expanding industry with a bright future. This industry has replaced traditional marketing channels and is helping many businesses to establish a strong brand presence. The success of digital marketing lies in content writing strategies. A good content writer can help a brand gain the name and fame, they are looking for. So, join us as we go through the Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India that you can hire to build a strong online presence

Nowadays, establishing a strong online presence has become very essential. This growth in digital marketing has led to an increase in the demand for content writing as well. A great content writing strategy acts as a key to fruitful digital marketing. 

Content writing is a way of distributing information regarding the purpose, utility, and objective of a brand, business, or organization to the target group. This can be done through various channels like audio, video, writing, photos, and other forms. 

Indian Freelance Content Writers List – 

Rank Name Expertise Company (if applicable)
1 Mohit Mehra Informative & captivating content WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd
2 Jagjeet Singh Pandha Credible, captivating, well-researched content WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd (co-founder)
3 Akansha Jha Personalized content across various industries The Dependable Writer (founder)
4 Anshul Motwani Informative content across industries WittyPen (founder)
5 Mukti Masih Content with a human touch  Mukti Masih (founder)
6 Shubodip Das SEO content writing Das Writing Services (founder)
7 Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma Content for various industries Cover to Cover Writing Studio (founder)
8 Bhavik Sarkhedi Creative content Dad of Ad & Content Whale (founder)
9 Anjit Branding & personalized content Anjit VS (founder)
10 Aaina Chopra Social issues & digital marketing Das Writing Services

Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India

Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India

A skillful and qualified content writer knows what to write and how to write in a tractive and innovative manner. Their main aim is to connect the reader or audience with that piece of information. The listed Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India are catering to every need of their customers in the best way possible. 

Mohit Mehra –

Mr. Mohit Mehra has secured first place among the Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India. Mr. Mehra has been writing informative and captivating blogs, articles, newsletters, emailers, captions, and taglines for the last 12 years. He completely understands that different clients have different needs in terms of information, tone, and voice, and that is why all of his content is written as per the client’s needs and preferences. Through his company WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd, he has built expertise in curating and writing content that has helped many brands build an impactful online presence while generating organic leads and engagement.

Jagjeet Singh Pandha – 

Mr. Jagjeet Singh is another well-known name among the Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India. He treats every piece of writing as his blog while meeting every need of their customers. All of his written contents are credible, captivating, and well-researched with a hint of emotional connection. Being one of the co-founders of WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd, he makes sure that his written blogs and articles perfectly represent the brand’s personality and leave a long-lasting impression among the readers.

Akansha Jha – 

Akansha Jha is another renowned name when we talk about freelance content writers in India. She has built a strong expertise in writing personalized content while handling different categories including healthcare, media, real estate, hospitality, and many more. Also, she mainly provides  SEO copywriting, website content writing, email writing, blog writing, product description writing, and social media copywriting services. She has also established herself as the founder of “the Dependable Writer”.

Anshul Motwani –  

Anshul Motwani is a highly experienced content writer and founder of WittyPen. He has curated many informative content across various industrial domains. To date, he has assisted many clients while generating high engagements and traffic. 

Mukti Masih – 

Mukti Masih is one of the top contenders among the Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India. To date, she has handled thousands of blogs while bringing a human touch that resonates with the customers in her content. Through her forceful and impactful content writing strategies, she has truly become an inspiration for many aspirants.

Shubodip Das –

 with 14+ years, Shubodip Das has established himself as one of the Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India. Having spent such a long time in the content marketing industry, he is quite familiar with all content writing strategies and tools that can help upscale a brand’s online presence. To spread his professional expertise and services in SEO content writing, he successfully launched Das Writing Services.

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma – 

Samarpita is bringing a productive change in the content writing industry through her agency Cover to Cover Writing Studio. She is a multitasker content writer and has curated a large number of content for different clients all over India. Her client base usually covers different areas such as lifestyle, houses, travel & hotel brands, individual authors, government agencies, start-ups, and brands.

 Bhavik Sarkhedi – 

His skills as a creative content have established him as one of the most celebrated content writers in the market. Besides being a content writer, he has also shown his exceptional writing skills as an author through his books. Bhavik has mentored and coached young aspirants to help them achieve their dream of being a writer.  He is a founder of Dad of Ad and Content Whale through which he provides great content writing services.

Anjit – 

Anjit is an expert content writer. Branding strategist and founder of Anjit VS. As a freelancer he offers the best content writing services in India, with a personalized approach. To date, he has written 67 lakhs+ + words for a wide variety of projects. He also makes sure to deliver his services way before the deadline by keeping the content relevant, simple, and valuable with a high intended purpose.

Aaina Chopra – 

Aaina Chopra is another freelance content writer with considerable experience in the digital marketing industry. She also has been associated with Das Writing Services  Presently she works with Vicco Laboratories as a freelancer and has extended for quite some time. Other than offering captivating and innovative writing services to her clients. She is very passionate about fulfilling every need of her customers and clients. Aaina has majorly specialized in writing on social issues like self-empowerment and feminism.


To conclude, the content writing industry is flourishing today. As a result, many brands, industries, and departments are now looking for excellent content-writing professionals to inform and educate their various target groups. The listed  Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India are generating organic information to impress and inspire potential audiences to take a desired action. 

 FAQS Regarding Top 10 Freelance Content Writers in India 

Question 1. How much a freelance content writer can make in India?

Answer 1. The average monthly salary of a freelance content writer can vary from INR 24,000 to INR 34,000 depending on the number of projects handled. 

Question 2. How can someone become a freelance content writer?

Answer 2.  If you want to become a freelance content writer, follow and understand every step mentioned below.

  1. Study and understand the field of writing and content
  2. Select the content area you want to handle
  3. Discover your content writing niche 
  4. Practice as much as you can
  5. Create a portfolio along with a professional  website 
  6. Begin writing, pitching, and winning 
Questions 3. What is the market demand for content writing worldwide?

Answer 3.  As a result of current market trends, the demand for content writing services is expected to reach US$ 412.88 billion in the coming years.  

Question 4. What set of skills are needed to start a successful career as a freelance content writer?

Answer 4. To start a fruitful career as a freelance you need and acquire a few sets of skills. 

  • Creative writing 
  • SEO and Content strategy
  • Editing 
  • Flexibility to change content whenever required 
  • Essential research skills
  • Good hold on grammar and vocabulary
  • Time management 
  • Fast typing 
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