Top 10 CRM Software in India

Top 10 CRM Software in India

Top 10 CRM Softwares in India – CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the software that is designed to improve the relations with the customers and for the growth of the organization. This is the prime requirement of any sort of business which provides prodigious benefits to the firm. CRM contributes in every possible way to the business, apart from the customer relations it also works on several parameters to give more strength to the business and make it rise above the heights. Let us know about the Top 10 CRM Softwares in India.

Top 10 CRM Software in India

CRM software that manages the overall business in every possible way is in huge demand as well. As this is the key to every successful business. This helps to manage all the customer records, tracks the employee’s performance, graphs of various operations results, the ratio of the profit, call records, emails tracking, data management, etc. That is why it is the basic and the major need of every business. The various CRM software is available in the market, but WebHopers Infotech Pvt.Ltd. provides the best featured CRM software, that is in huge demand. Scroll down to know more about the Top 10 CRM Softwares in India.

Top 10 CRM Softwares in India

India, with huge growth in all the sectors, technology, business, industrial growth, mugged up with the business hub, do have many CRM software that is serving the number of small or large scale business. These CRM software track the overall growth of the firm and the aspects where the team lacks, it is a platform that provides the complete package to the company to grow on a huge scale. There are many CRM software in India, that are advanced featured. Here are the Top 10 CRM Softwares in India below.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM the most renowned and in great demand helps to sell faster, smarter and better. It is the leading software of India that helps to manage the leads, track the activities, sales details, queries, performance, productivity, automation, and many more things. The single platform manages the overall business in such a great way with the advanced features it makes it more easy for the entrepreneurs to get all the details in an appropriate manner. This is one of the topmost CRM software in India.

Maple CRM

This is the most trusted software providing services to 500+ companies in India. The Maple CRM is the most satisfying CRM software loaded with automated leads assignment. team management and access control. The CRM is well known and serves many companies. The access is easy and the features are good. Maple CRM provides a 360-degree view of marketing performance.

Cratio CRM

This CRM is a complete solution that improves the performance of marketing and sale. Manages the leads and keep all the tracks up to mark. Reporting features are commendable. The features like automated drip marketing, workflow rules, and lead management. Cratio CRM works frequently and provides tools to close more and more sales.

SalesBabu CRM

The CRM offers the most attractive features, online ERP, payroll management, customer helpdesk, GST billing etc. Enhances the customers’ relations and makes sure to provide the best-featured services. This software makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get the exact picture of the business that helps to grow their firm more rapidly.

SalezShark CRM

SalezShark CRM software helps the small scale business to grow and maintains the relationships with the customers. This software generates productive strategies of sales comes up with the cool features. Manages the leads in a better way and tracks all the activities. That helps in the growth of the business.

Agile CRM

The CRM is specially designed with the advanced features for sales and marketing, the software is the complete solution with the project management features. The lead scoring, marketing automation, and appointment scheduling features are quite preferable and simple to use. With the modern and advanced features, this CRM software is in demand.

Focus CRM

For increasing the quality leads, information sharing, create accountability, drive transparency, streamlines the sales process. With all the features that help out the complete growth process of the business. This is one of the best CRM available in India. This is a very powerful segment and plays a vital role in the growth of the business. One can go for Focus CRM to strengthen the business growth.

NextSky Sales

If you want to score the leads on the high level then go for NextSky Sales for the high-velocity sales team this is the best. Also optimizes the sales operation. Contact management, emails tracking, customers information, deal management, invoice generation etc. All the features are there in this software.


This software is cloud-based, beneficial for both small and large scale business. It improves the customers leads generation and queries generation. It increases the productivity of the business. The leads management, monitoring salesforce, and many other features that make this software.


This CRM is with impressive features like opportunity management, contact management, and email integration. This is the best CRM software. One can also execute the sales forecasting with this software. Files sync and shares are some other features which this software offers.


These are the Top 10 CRM Softwares in India, that provides the best services in order to increase the growth of the business. The CRM offers all sort of activities track, like leads generation, leads management, data management, performance graphs, automation, email, chats, phone calls tracking. These are the key solution in the growth of any sort of business.

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