How To Tell Google About Site Address Change

How To Tell Google About Site Address Change

How To Tell Google About Site Address Change – Do you want to change your domain name? Yes it is possible; you can change your domain name without losing the traffic for your site. But for that you need to tell Google about this change only then you will be able to keep the site’s organic ranking. If you are thinking how to tell Google about site address change then this post might help you well.

How To Tell Google About Site Address Change

Firstly, for changing your domain or sub domain you must use the change of address tool in search console. You do not have to worry about the safety of your site after your change the address, the change of address is secure as only the verified site owner can make use of this tool. Anytime you can check the information provided to Google regarding your domain.

Why is it important to notify Google about the address change? 

It is important to notify Google about the address change, this will help you in managing the transition that is required by the Google to index your changed URL at the new address. This will ensure that your Google result is not affected by this change.

By telling Google about the address change for your existing page will allow it to update its index to reflect the new domain for your pages. For 180 days this updated index status will remain in work and Googlebot will crawl and index the pages at the new address.

Things to keep in mind for requesting the address change

There are certain things that you must follow to carry out whole procedure in a proper way. Here are the things that you must do to carry out the address change smoothly:

Firstly, complete the content migration

Google has all the guidelines to move a site with URL changes, go through it properly and follow all the necessary steps and then go further for submitting the request for address change.

Note – Set up 301 redirect directives as it is very important. If you miss it, your request for the address change will not work.

Using Search Console add and verify your new site

Select your new site from the list so that the search console gets information about your site. This is an important step for requesting address change.

Make sure you specify all relevant preferences for your new domain that you set for your old site, including a preferred domain, geographical preferences, and any crawl rate adjustments you might have made.

All set for Address change request

Now you can use the Change of address tool for your site to get the new domain and sub domain name. If you followed and carried out every direction properly you won’t find and difficulties.

Steps to submit a change of address

Now after changing the address of your domain, you need to submit the change to Google or to tell Google about your new address so that you do not lose the traffic was on your page due to your old address. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Go on the home page of search console and click the site that you want to move from.
  • Now, click at the gear icon and then click on Change of Address.
  • In this step you need to follow all the instructions in the Change of site address 
  • Lastly, monitor your traffic as indicated in Move a site with URL changes.

Note – Delete the previous 301-redirect directives that are set up on your server. As this might create you some troubles so do not forget to delete them. Google will see those directives the next time it crawl your site and might continue to redirect the URLs as instructed by the directive.


These were the simple steps to tell Google about the address change. We hope this post helped you will in understanding the whole process. If you are having any doubt or did not understand any things, comment below and let us know.

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