How To Target Country Specific Website Traffic

How To Target Country Specific Website Traffic

How To Target Country Specific Website Traffic – Want to target the traffic of a specific country? Are you promoting commodities or services in exporting purposes? Do you own a website and want to list it to other country search engine? Want to know how to target country-specific website traffic? I this articles we will you about it!

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How To Target Country Specific Website Traffic

Trading traditional broke the barriers of a particular location as the driving force. Now you can target any crowd by sitting at one end of the world. When you expand your business abroad, you are likely to desire one thing for sure. The Search Results! We all want our website to be on top wherever we our promoting our product.

Suppose I am an India based company who sought to expand business overseas like United Kingdom for example. You would want to have you website on top searches. How is it possible? This is the essence of correct knowledge! Majority businessmen target UK & USA due to the high Human Development Index (HDI). In this article you will know how to target country-specific website traffic effectively.

Ways To Target Specific Country Search Engines For High Trafficking

Google have algorithms which make searches relevant and many times they are country specific. Tools and ways are available to get your website on top notches of the search engine of a specific country. Know how to target country-specific website traffic which is as follows:

Good Focus On Keyword Selection & Usage

SEO is incomplete or baseless without the selection of keywords analysis. Every country has its own terminologies which may work for you here but not there. You need to have a keen eye upon those words. We give you some helpful tips upon this:

  • Use your location in every sense of the content. Like Meta keywords, Meta tags, URL, contents etc.
  • Use your anchor links to flash those specific places.
  • It is best to use synonyms also as Google give weight to these also.
  • Frequently to analysis and optimize with the latest searches.
  • Keep yourself updated and your website to get into top searches.

Domain Name & Extensions Plays A Crucial Role

Now that you are creating a website especially for that country is the best option for promotion. Many big brands do the same. Like Ford is an American multinational automaker who is coined Ford India here. Same goes for Avon etc. Now adding the country name would not make much sense but adding it to domain name can. (They both can play good results).

Domain extensions are said to be the first and foremost thing you can do! Extensions like for Country like in India we use or in., United Kingdom we use, Australia we use .au.

One can probably think, why these top searches have websites with these related extension. These make the search user friendly and relevant.

Paid Advertisement (Optional)

Pay Per Click or PPC is a paid form of marketing but it helps generate more trafficking. The flashing of your advertisement helps to get the main attraction of the customer. Businesses that are fresher to new country need to grab the attention & PPC can help you.

The main aim is to pick up a paid advertisement which should be location friendly. They are just initial investment for gaining popularity. Once you pick up, you can go for organic search results. Paid advertisements help you get the organic searches

Social Media Interaction

Interaction is the base of good trust! No one deny the fact that businesses with good interaction with their customers earn good. Company & business have this term called “goodwill”.  If you keep yourself in touch with the customers you are more likely to get organic leads. Now when you work from two nations or even multiple, going digital is the best.

Social media are a craze! Target every social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumbler etc. it is best to make a profile or fan page. Then join related groups and add related members. Share your thoughts, contents and promote your product. This is how you start building the trust. Whoa! After some time you get the fruitful result of good trafficking on your website.

Tools For Country Specific Traffic Enhancement

Google has some interesting tools which can help your website get the top notches it desires. On the other hand, you can drive the traffic towards you.

  1. Google Webmaster Tool Geotargeting
  2. Web Hosting Server Location

These tools are very effective in creating leads from country-specific websites. For this you need to submit yourself to the local search engine & web directories for geo targeting to work better.

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