Strategies To Get Blog Posts Indexed By Google Quickly

Strategies to get blog posts Indexed by Google Quickly

Strategies to get blog posts Indexed by Google Quickly – Indexing is the major and a very crucial step of letting people know about your blog or website. If you blog is indexed by Google then your efforts are absolutely worthless. More fast your blog will be indexed, better will be for your website to acknowledge traffic and ranks. So here we will discuss about the strategies  to get your blog posts indexed by Google quickly.

Strategies to get blog posts Indexed by Google Quickly

Everyone wants their blog or websites to be indexed really fast by Google. But the indexing rate is dependent on the crawl rate i.e. the rate by which boots crawl the content. This means that higher is the crawl rate, faster will be the indexing process of your website and blog.

Top strategies to get blog blog posts indexed quickly by Google

For the quick indexation of your blog posts it is extremely important for you to let Google know that you have published a new post. Also the crawling rate of your blog posts should be relatively high. Below mentioned are the top tips that you can follow to get your blog posts indexed by Google qucikly.

Submit sitemap

First things first, you need to submit the XML sitemap for your blog. If you still have not have a sitemap then it is not a problem. You can create one for your blog with the help of Google sitemap. Then after creating a sitemap submit it the webmaster tool.

Share your blog post instantly

After you are done with the submission, next thing you have to do is to publish the blog. Right after you hit the publish button share your post instantly on Google plus. This is an effective method to get your indexation rate high. Google plus is a social media platform by Google which helps you in indexing your blog fast. Reason being it has high crawl rate by Google bots. After sharing the blog post it is also mandatory for you get comments on that post because that will help in fast indexing.

Increase the page speed

Page speed of your blog plays a very important role in fast crawling and indexing of the blog by Google. Higher will be the page speed, more are the chances of your blog indexed quickly. Google has a set of rules and limit under which it has limited time period to index a certain blog. If you will increase your page speed then you will directly provide Google enough time to index your site.

Publish content on the regular basis

If you really want to speed up your indexation rate then this is something you need to follow on the regular basis. Publishing new content and update your whole map invites new and potential traffic. Also with the publishing of new content your sitemap will be automatically updated. Regular updating your blog and new content also increases the alexa rankings and domain authority.

Use Fetch as Google

Despite of using the above mentioned features, if your blog post is still not getting indexed then it is highly recommended for you to use fetch as Google feature. This is one of the most effective and fast ways to index your blog or websites in seconds or in minutes.

Some other tips to get your blog post indexed by Google quickly

If aforementioned tips does not work for you then here are some of other tips that you can use to get your blog posts indexed by Google.

  • Make sure the robots do not block the content.
  • Submit images and sitemaps for your blogs.
  • Keep an eye for all the warnings from Google and webmaster tools.
  • Monitor the various server issues.


Getting your blog posts naturally indexed by Google is way better than forcing it to index. Therefore, above mentioned are the best tips and strategies that can help you in fast indexing of your blog posts. So go ahead and work for your blog post in the required way so that Google can easily index your blog.

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