How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog – You might have heard from a couple of people that starting and maintaining a travel blog is very tough and that is somehow true to an extent. Travel bog demand hard work and efforts which is not the cup of tea for everyone. To start travel blog you don’t need best content marketing strategy but also need best portal. Here you will know about how to start a travel blog and what are the things that you need to keep in mind.

How to Start a Travel Blog

All you need is a creative idea which should have the capability to attract customers and then to implement it in the right way. There are certain ways by which you can make your travel blog interesting and attractive.

What is a travel blog?

Travel blog is a free online travel diary for the travelers across the world. It is also the collection of tools that help the travelers to write down the journals or travel stories. You can also add images to your blog.  This is a connection between the users and operator of the blog. Various links, maps are linked to your blog so that users find it easy to explore the blog.

Steps to start a travel blog

There are few steps that need to be followed to start an effective travel blog that attracts the users and generates quality traffic instantly. And they are discussed below in the list.

Think of a good name

As they say it’s all in a name and yes if we talk about the name of a travel blog then it really is. If you will have a catchy and creative name then people will get attracted to your blog effortlessly. Your blog name should be easy to remember and should define what your blog is all about.

  • Clichéd names like vagabond, wander, journey etc should not be included in your blog names.
  • There are infinite numbers of travel blogs present so your unique name will definitely make you different from others.

Host your blog

If you are a beginner and do not have any idea of how to get started with a blog then it is mandatory for you to host your blog. There are many hosting services available to choose from. They host your blog and help in generating genuine traffic without making many efforts. They are cheap, easy and painless. Once you get started with them it would be very easy to proceed further.

Choose a Platform

Now choose a platform for adding the stuff to your blog. And when you think of the perfect platform for your blog there is nothing better than the wordpress.

  • It gives you the absolute freedom to define yourself and do whatever you want to do with your blog.
  • Install wordpress and get started with it by logging in with your id and password.
  • After that you logged in add different plugins or categories to it so that you can differentiate your blogs.

Pick a theme and design a logo

WordPress offers a lot of themes so select the most suitable theme for your blog that completely defines your blog. A creative theme will attract loads of traffic to your blog. A good theme and a creative logo will make your blog famous and different from the other travel bloggers.

Domain name

A creative domain name which is easy to remember could prove to be very beneficial for your blog. Do not forget to get .com for your blog this will help you to connect with all the social media. Once you are connected with social media there are high chances of your blog getting more famous and known than before.

Install Google Analytics

Google analytics is a measurement tool for the traffic of your blog. It tells you about the number of people visiting you blog, where they are coming from and other vital information like these. It is very important to know about the traffic only then you will get to improve the things from your blog.

Start Blogging

After all these things are done the important thing is to get started with your blogs. Start writing blogs with all the creativity and experience that you have.

Promote the blog

If we talk about the one thing that you should do shamelessly is promoting your blog. You need to stay active on all the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Today everyone is on the social media so being active in the digital world will bring loads of traffic. So do not ever think of skipping this part.

So if you were fenced on the thought weather to start a blog or not then I hope this might have helped you to get started. Starting a blog is a easy thing to do if you passionate and determined enough. A blog can make you popular among people and eventually you will be getting a lot of profits.

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