How To Show Sitelinks In Google Search

How to Show Sitelinks in google search

How To Show Sitelinks In Google Search – Sitelinks are a luxury feature just like the carousal feature of Google search engine. If you own a good website with a equally good traffic, then you may get to feature thereon. The common display on the search engines is the links and URLs but you can get more out of it. By knowing how to show sitelinks in Google search, you can actually enhance the look of your search snippet.

How to Show Sitelinks in google search

Links are the main things which are shared on social media platforms and other related blogs and posts. What if I say, you get to feature some of the popular contents of your blog or posts along with the link? Yes! It will surely increase the visibility and attract more customers. You will surely need to have a good SEO done to make Google understand why your website should show the sitelinks of your website. In this post you will know how to show sitelinks in Google search effectively.

What Are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are a feature of Google. It is a listing format under the main search result or link. It showcases two to four on mobile & two to six indent sitelinks results of that link. This features ads more link to your ads by creating extensions. This helps the consumer to directly skip other pages and directly get into that particular page. They can appear on top or bottom of the Google search result.

What Features Are Essential To Get Your Sitelink Featured On Google Search?

As I said, sitelinks are a delicacy and a luxury; everyone would like to have their sitelinks on top of the search. If you get featured with more than two or three links, what else would you even need? Anyone can get his sitelinks featured there on the search page but not everyone. You need to be updated and optimized to the best level to get the good feature.

We have listed some features you website should have to get themselves featured with sitelinks. They are as follows:

  • Webmasters are advised to focus on building websites with clear spiderable, navigation and a well-planned hierarchy of pages.
  • Optimize your website to a level that it is easy for Google’s Sitelink analysis algorithms to recognize you.
  • Your website should generate good natural leads and traffic.
  • Only popular internal pages appear as the sitelinks.
  • Use unique contents and page titles which are effective on the long run.
  • Focus should be on more than two to four pages to feature.
  • Different page title and Meta description is important.
  • Duplicity is a real “NO”.
  • Avoid thin content which is less than 250 words.
  • Strong click rates from search results page.

Tips To Show Sitelinks In Google Search

Google sitelinks feature are an automated process. Google gives you little to no control over what is happening on search page to those sitelinks. They work irrespective of your blogging platforms. If you follow these steps diligently, surely you may get the chance to show our sitelinks in Google search results.

Selection Of a Brand Name

To get sitelinks, you need to have an online presence. Get an attractive name and have a branded presence. Always get the highest authority in the niche. Tips to follow:

  1. Create a good online presence through SEO.
  2. A profile should be built on almost on all social media platforms especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Scoopit!, Tumblr etc.
  3. Maintain Google+ profile as it yield good result.

More Of Unique and Quality Content

Creativity is the essence of tip searches. If you are not creative enough, you would not appreciated much by the Google. Tips to Follow:

  • Unique content.
  • Frequent sharing of those links.
  • No duplicity or keywords stuffing.
  • Optimize it regularly.

Info-Pages Or Basic-Pages

Info pages are basic pages which your website should display. If you own a company or business website, then it is essential to have it on the site. Google takes in account of these page as it thinks it can be useful for the researcher. Tips to follow;

  • Create home page.
  • About Us is also a good page to add describing about yourself.
  • Contact page is also a good idea.

Create Internal Links

A website is a series of many internal links. The more the links, the more impoertance will be given to your page. Tips to follow:

  • Use anchor text links.
  • Alternative texts should be applied to images etc.
  • Avoid repetition to the maximum.
  • Use better and more informative text versions of your page.
  • Create better hierarchy of links which should be structured.

Sitemaps For Better Results

To use Google Sitemap, you have to make sure you have made an account on the following

  1. Webmaster Tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Adwords

These will increase the chances of getting ypir website features with sitelinks on the search page. For sitemap for your site, you can go to and create one. If you already own one, then find it by typing your website name/sitemap.xml (ex:

You can also Search

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