How to Setup a Google Plus Brand Page

How to Setup a Google Plus Brand Page

How to Setup a Google Plus Brand Page – Do your company have Google+ Brand page yet? Google+ is an emerging social networking site that seems to be very beneficial for the business promotions. So, if your company still do not have brand page on Google+ then setup now. Google + has 300 million monthly active users which is huge and the best platform for telling others about your services or products.

How to Setup a Google Plus Brand Page

Once you create your brand page on Google+ a lot of business starts to come in. This platform can make you brand or services popular all over the world. Therefore, if you still do not have Google+ brand page then it’s time to have one. In this post, we will tell you how to setup a Google+ Brand page in simple steps.

Benefits of Setting up a Google+ Brand Page

Google+ is definitely a growth market for the business as it has reached to 100 million users faster than Facebook and Twitter. Google has created a great social networking site that can help your business to grow well in this competitive era. Here are benefits of setting up Google+ brand page:

  1. It helps in promoting business
  2. Brand page on Google+ helps in the ranking over search engine
  3. Helps in building your business circle
  4. The communities over Google plus is very powerful and have great influence.

How to Setup Google+ Page for Effective Results

Follow the below mentioned tips to setup Google Plus brand Page and open the new doors of branding.

Choose an Approachable Gmail Account

Try to create your Google+ brand page by using new Gmail account. This is because the Google+ administrative capabilities keep improving. Instead of using the personal Gmail account for the one that is accessed by multiple users. Create your brand page and choose the host account, this will make your page reachable to the number of contributors.

Create a Page by Using Gmail Account

For this, you need to visit at the, here you will find the option to create a page. Select this option and get started. Choose the options that justify your business by following the wizard. At this point you will come across the options like:

  1. Select from Local Business or Place
  2. Opt one from Product or Brand
  3. Then select from Company, Institution or Organization
  4. Now choose Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  5. Other

As you done with the classification go for filling your basic information, this will include the following this:

  • Your Business Website URL
  • Category or industry
  • Classification of your page’s content

Customization of your Public Profile

It is important to customize your public profile. For this process, you need to enter the tagline for your business. Apart from this you also need to upload an image, you can use your company logo as well.

Promote your Page for better results

As the Google+ prompts your page in order to promote your brand page you are still left with some work. Though your page is completed at this point of time but you cannot promote a blank page, therefore, customize your page well and start sharing few updates before you tell the world about your company. Your page should have a valuable content in it so that more and more gets to know about the services or products that you provide.

Start your Brand Page

If you want to get best out of your Google+ brand page then it is very important for you to optimize it well. This will help you well in increasing the engagement of the followers, add value to your page and this will simply help you with the leads generations.

To carry out the process follow Google+’s prompts by which you can caret an effective page. As Google+ is a social networking you need to always update it with good and value content.
Things you need to keep in mind for creating best Google+ brand page for your company:

  • Regularly share fresh content for better results
  • Give respond to your fans
  • Increase engaging
  • Optimize for lead generation


Creating a Google+ Brand page is not a difficult task to carry out but managing it is. To get the best business from your brand page you need to optimize it well to engage more and more fans with it. We hope through this post you got to know about the important of Google+ brand page and how to create it.

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