How to Set Up Sale Group on Facebook

How to Setup Sale Group on Facebook

How to Set Up Sale Group on Facebook – Who does not want to increase the sales of their company? Facebook sale feature is an amazing and effective way of selling your products on the social media. Being active on the Buy and Sell groups on Facebook, you can connect to the targeted audience and sell your products to them. There are other several benefits of sale group on Facebook. And also it is extremely easy to set up a buy and sell group on Facebook.

How to Setup Sale Group on Facebook

Facebook sale group is an awesome way to increase the traffic and eventually customers for your business. And the best part of using Facebook Buy Sell group as a marketing platform is that, you do not have to spend a single penny for it. So in this blog we are not only going to share the best tips to setup Buy Sell group on FB. But also tell you the benefits of these groups.

How does a Sale group on Facebook is different from other groups?

There is a minor difference between the groups but this minor difference can make a lot of difference in your marketing plans. In the normal group you can share your services with people or the targeted audience.

But in the sale group you can sell your products directly to the customer. As the name says a sale group on Facebook is for the selling purposes only. Also in the sale group you can find the options like list this item as sold, sell this item etc.

Why your products should be on sale groups on Facebook?

There are numerous reasons on why your products or services you want to sell should be on Facebook sale group. First reason has to be the increasing popularity of the social media as a marketing platform. There might not be anyone who is not aware of what Facebook is and what are the advantages it provides. Facebook sale group is a very effective and under used way to market your products. More will be the number of visitors to your group more will be the chances of your products to get sold.

Benefits of Buy Sell Groups on Facebook

There are plenty of benefits of sale group on Facebook. You want higher sales for you company? Or you want more traffic towards your site? Sale group on Facebook equip you with every possible benefit of online marketing.

  • You can sell your products easily through these sale groups on Facebook.
  • You do not have to invest unlike other online methods of selling your products.
  • You can reach your target audience easily.
  • Also it helps in generating potential traffic towards your site.
  • More will be the number of viewers on your website more are the chances of them turning into customers.
  • Eventually you will earn more profits with literally no investments in the marketing scheme.

How to create Buy and Sell Group on Facebook (5 Most Used Tips)

Now this is the most important part. You might now be aware of the benefits a sale group provides but do you know how to create a Facebook sale group? If not, then you do not have to worry. We have the best and easy steps for you to get started with the facebook sale group.

  1. If you already have a group for your business then you specifically do not have to create a new sale group. You can just request Facebook to make your group a sale group.
  2. Visit the for sale Facebook group interest form page.
  3. Next step is filling of the required details such as your name, registered email id etc.
  4. Then click send and wait for a few weeks.
  5. After few weeks, check your group setting page. You can see a sale group feature added there.


Following the above mentioned steps can make your regular group in a sale group where you can sell your products or services. This is a very efficient and effective method to increase your company sales and revenues. Facebook is used by everyone and there are many chances that your product will come under the vision of them.

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