How to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

How to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

How to Set up ECommerce tracking in Google analytics – If you are an online retailer relying merely upon the reports from your shopping site. Then I must say you are not taking your online business seriously. Doing business online is the new big thing which is trending nowadays and the reason behind it is very obvious. People are shifting towards online shopping and not only this online world is their escape from the efforts and hard work that usually offline world offers. So in this article i am going to share my experience on setting up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics.

How to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

It is really very important to set up eCommerce tracking for your online business in Google analytics for your own benefits and good. There are number of advantages of it which can land you in the world of profits. Setting up eCommerce tracking on Google analytics does not provide a single benefit but a lot of them. You will get to know the benefits as you will scroll down the page.

What is ECommerce tracking in Google analytics?

Many of you might have heard the term Ecommerce tracking but what exactly does it mean? It is a special feature on Google analytics used by thousand of online retailers to keep a check on the online transactions on their Ecommerce website. Also they let you see the online traffic sources which eventually help in improving the conversions. It is very important and beneficial and if you still aren’t using it then you better start it.

How to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Benefits of Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics

It would take a whole day to discuss the benefits they provide to the online retailers or the owners of the ecommerce websites. Some of the advantages of using Ecommerce tracking are given below.

  • You will get to know the revenue generated by each and every product.
  • With knowing the revenue of each product you will end up in knowing the total revenue.
  • This will help you to know the number of total products sold in a day or month or year.
  • You will not only know about the total products sold but also about the specific product sold.
  • Conversion is an important thing for the online retailers. So with the help of Ecommerce tracking you will know about the rate of conversions.
  • You will get to know about the total transactions.
  • Every Ecommerce website works if unique changes are made in them so this tracking also help you to know the number of unique products added.
  • You will get to know about the average price of the product.
  • Data wise performance data will allow you to make improvements in the website.

How to implement Ecommerce tracking in Google analytics?

Yes, ecommerce tracking is a simple process which is beneficial for the online retailers but to get the benefits of it you have to first install it in your website. Now almost every ecommerce website is implemented with this tracking process because of the plenty of advantages it offers.

  • First of all you have to activate a Google analytic account so that all the reports would be send directly to your account.
  • Activating an account won’t do much for you. After activation you have to enable tracking in your Google analytic account. This is a very easy step you just have to turn on the tracking option which is easily visible in your account.
  • Third step involves the addition of certain codes to your account. These codes are the tracking codes which will track all the business details such as transactions, revenues, total sales, total products etc.
  • After this you have to convert the currency before sending the details to the Google analytics.

How are Ecommerce Transactions tracked in Google analytics?

Tracking is a simple and beneficial process to get you updated with every detail of your online business. It takes several steps to complete this tracking process and they are discussed below.

  • Firstly a website visitor will make the transaction.
  • Then eCommerce platform will process the transaction.
  • It will then store the transaction details.
  • It will create a receipt page.
  • Then insert this data into Google analytic transaction code.
  • Then after performing all these steps you will get all the details and reports of the transactions.

Why do you need Ecommerce tracking to improve the online business?

Ecommerce tracking allows you to know every detail about your online business. As you will get to know about the transactions, total product sale and almost everything. Therefore you will eventually be able to improve any loss that has occurred. In eCommerce tracking you can not only check the complete stats for your products. But also helps in creating a more filtered strategy to enhance the performance of online shopping store.

How to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

So if you were looking for the ways on how to set up Ecommerce tracking in Google analytics. Then I hope this might have helped you in some way or the other. Ecommerce tracking is trending all because for the right reason. So if you are running an online business. Then it is absolutely mandatory for you now install or activate the Ecommerce tracking for better results and reports.

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