How to Set Up Community Page on Facebook

How to Set Up Community Page on Facebook

How to Set Up Community Page on Facebook – Looking to create a community page on Facebook where you can add several people? If yes then you are at right place. Facebook has a lot to offer over the years! The popularity has increased over the time. You may find every of your relative to your friend on this social giant. One such aspect of community pages is that you can interact and express your feelings easily. So we are going to share one of the best tips to set up community page on FB for yourself.

How to Set Up Community Page on Facebook

It is a new concept though and community pages have created a lot of hype over time and created a confusing identity in minds of many! There must be many questions rising in your mind which will answer in the blog. To know how to set up community page, let us get to the root of what actually they are? Start from the basics to get the grip!

What Are Community Pages?

The term Community means when a group of people or Individuals sharing common interest or attitudes together over a topic or a group of topic. Facebook created such a version as their feature in 2010 where their FB users can join in for common discussion and enjoy the interests which is unofficial generic or related to non business ideas.

One may have observed many unrelated comment and posts on Fb! The idea behind such pages was to create a platform which is dedicated to an interest, experience, cause or topics without any interference the Official pages showcasing their purposes like a business. Like “I Love Cricket” or “I Love Sleeping”.

Facebook has the right to take control over a community page once it get to the height of popularity. There are many authors to a single page news feed update. The question arises from where the contents materialize on such pages? Facebook is licensed to use contents of Wikipedia and the tags or topics used by an Fb user. The contents get derived from such sources which share the related topics.

How Are Community Pages Different From Other Pages Like Fan Page, Profile Page etc.?

Call it Business page, Fan page or any bona fide official facebook page; they are different from what we call as community pages of facebook. The difference lies with its usage!

  1. All About Pages:

Fan Pages or Fb Pages are mean to broadcast information by an organization/businesses/celebrities or companies. One the other hand groups are meant for discussions and foster forum system to share their interest even organizations can adopt it. Profile page is the user account where you can actually have your real account and the initial step. Community pages are meant for sharing interests and topics.

  1. Usage:

Fan pages have fans and profile page has friends and groups have members. They cannot be mixed as it can violate the rules. As per FB, you cannot set up your profile as a fan page or profiles representing their business or organization. Same goes with Community pages!

  1. Adoption By Facebook

All the FB pages except Community make one difference clear. Once you get thousands of followers, it will be controlled and maintained officially by facebook itself. A similar version of Wiki scrolling information from net itself!

Know The Types Of Community Pages!

You are promoting atopic and not business! Community pages are divided into two types:

  1. Facebook Administered: These pages are auto generated and come into existence from Fb users personal profile info tab section – “Likes and Interests” & “Work and Education”. Almost 6.5 million were generated by April 2016 from which thousands are like one or two only.
  2. User Administered: This one is created by you and administered by you till facebook actually takes the charge. You share a main interest rather promoting which is the essence!

How can You Actually Benefit Out Of Such pages?

Community pages can be of great usage and can increase your visibility more! Now if you are a businessman or a representative of your own organization or profession, they have their own benefits of creation.

  • More interaction.
  • Increase Sale Enablement for Businessmen.
  • Improve Your marketing Skills and Tactics.
  • Good Customer Retention and Satisfaction.
  • Widen Chances of Customer Creation
  • Increase presence on Channels and Online Sales.

Step By Step Tips To Set Up Community Pages on Facebook

Know how to set up community page on Facebook which are as follows:

  1. Facebook Profile or Account is Compulsory: Sign up if you do not own one to go further which should be your original account and not the business or organization you are representing.
  2. Step 1: Click on the option “Create a Page”. You get to choose between Fan Page/ Community Pgae or Group.
  3. Step 2: Type the Page name which you want. ( like the name of your organization, mood, interest or anything which relates your desire)
  4. Step 3: Click on “Create Community Page”. Viola! Your page is created.

Community pages are very helpful except the part that they will become Wiki-type community pages which are Facebook administered as soon it has thousands of followers. The right of admin will be lost from you which is its biggest limitation and problem.

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