Do Follow and No Follow Concept in SEO

January 18, 2017
Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Links in SEO - For the newbie who are new in the world of SEO might be wondering the difference between do follow and no follow links in SEO. If you want your site to get higher ranks and do well on the popular search engines. Then it becomes mandatory for you to know about these terms first and then the difference between the both links. Whenever you start a new site then the first thing that hits the mind is how to get higher ranks on search engines. And to achieve the success in the SEO world, it is very important to know about do follow and no follow links. Here, we will do our best to clear your doubts about these terms. Difference between a Do follow and no follow link in SEO Now before you head towards knowing the difference between these two links, it is important to know about them first. The moment you will have the basic knowledge about them it would not be difficult for you to implement them in your website. Below mentioned is the major difference between the two of the links. Do follow link A do follow link is a type of link that has the potential to improve your page ranks and the credibility of your website in Google. Every link is a do follow link by default. If the link does not contain the no follow link then it automatically becomes the do follow link. Do follow links are considered to be the most powerful type of links in the SEO. No follow link No follow links were introduced by Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen in the year 2005. A no follow link is an HTML attribute value used to command search engines bots that a hyperlink should not impact the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It was basically introduced to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, therefore improving the quality of search engine results. Eventually you will get lesser spam that will improve your website. Benefits of Do follow link and no follow link in SEO As it is a well known fact that all the links are not created equal. Every other link has its own benefits. So we have compiled the best benefits of Do follow and no follow link in good Search engine optimization. They are mentioned below in the list. Advantages of do follow link in SEO It is very important to A do follow link will provide you faster crawling and indexing of your blogs. You will get more exposure from the moment you will have do follow links to your site. More do follow links on your site; more will be the chances of the viewers visiting your site. High quality do follow links will gain you higher ranks in the search engines. Therefore, there are more chances of people preferring your site than the one who have lower ranks. You will get long lasting benefits of the Search engine optimization. More do follow links means more link juice. Eventually more link juice will provide you higher ranks. Higher ranks of your website will attract more and more traffic. Advantages of No follow link in SEO Google can still discover and identify your site if you have a no follow link in your website, moreover they also get indexed. A no follow link creates awareness among the users about anything be it the content or the service provided. Believe it or not but no follow links draws more attention to your site than a do follow link. Another major advantage or difference between these two links is that a no follow link prevents you from the unwanted spam. Conclusion These both links are very different from each other. But they are same in one aspect and that is providing benefits to your website. So if you fenced whether to use them or not then I hope this might have been useful. Above discussed are the best differences between the two links. You can read it and then further apply it in your SEO.

Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Links in SEO

Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Links in SEO – For the newbie who are new in the world of SEO might be wondering the […]

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