SEO Techniques And Its Types

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SEO techniques and its types – Do you know the various techniques of SEO and its various types? If the answer is no, then this is the correct place to be in. Search engine optimization is a wide field of the digital marketing which includes a lot of processes and techniques to bring website better results. Here we will let you know about the number of SEO techniques and its types. 

SEO techniques and its types

SEO has undoubtedly become an important part of every small or large scale business not only in India but worldwide. Every website, business is using it for bringing their services to the top levels. SEO is now popular for all the obvious reasons. THe benefits of SEO can be the sole reason for anyone to implement it in their services.

What is SEO and its different type?

SEO is an acronym for the Search engine optimization which has now gained a lot of popularity for all the good reasons. It is being used because it helps the website and other online businesses to reach their target audience without making efforts. The SEO professionals would make every effort to bring your website from scratches to the top to get the best results. Below mentioned are the common types of SEO.

On page Optimization

On -page SEO refers how well the content of the websites are presented to the search engine. This is totally dependable to the content and design of the website. On page SEO gets your site listed on a search engine for some given keyword and can be improved by modifying the content of the website. Also, with the certain amendments in the website will also lead to better results.

Off-page Optimization

Off-Page SEO refers to your site’s authority on the internet, which determines by your ranking and what other websites say about your site. This is not affected by the content and usually, takes some time to get improved. This is totally dependent on the quality and amount of links and backlinks you are getting towards your website. This comes under the extreme and technical form of SEO type.

What are the various SEO techniques and their types? 

SEO techniques are basically a set of procedures that affect your ranks in the search engines and traffic. There are further two types of traffic i.e organic and inorganic. Organic SEO means that the incoming traffic is completely genuine and natural and inorganic SEO means the contrary. Below mentioned are the details about the different SEO techniques and their types.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO brings organic results i.e. these results will turn into conversions and utmost profits. You might have heard the saying that, ” the right path is always difficult.” White hat SEO is time -consuming, hectic and difficult, but the results you will get will definitely be worth all your efforts. These techniques will give you slow but long-term benefits of ranks and traffic. Below listed are some of the processes or methods used in White hat SEO.

  • High -quality content development.
  • website HTML optimization.
  • Restructuring.
  • link acquisition campaigns supported by high-quality content and manual research and outreach.
  • Social media.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings for a website. Such techniques and methods do not follow the search engine’s guidelines. It may give you a quick but short lasting growth in search engine ranking. Below mentioned are the techniques used in Black hat Search engine optimization.

  1. Link spam
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Cloaking
  4. Hidden text
  5. And hidden links.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is a technique that does not fully use the second technique above or maybe combine of two. Perhaps this is also the transformation from white to black or black to white. This is basically a technique that uses black hat techniques to achieve results in the white hat. Grey hat SEO do not cross the limits of the black hat SEO so, in that way, it is a better technique.


So, if you were looking for the SEO techniques and its types then I hope this really would have been helpful in brushing up the knowledge. Aforementioned is the best detail on the respective topic and can really take you a long way in getting better results.

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