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Website Name: Soma Care

Category: Neuropsychiatric Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1neuro pcd company2,00,0002
2Neuropsychiatry company in india6,83,0004
3neuropsychiatry franchise6,03,0001
4neuro products franchise5,72,0002
5neuropsychiatry products pcd64,6001

Website Name: Eyeris Vision Care

Category: Eye Care Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Eye drops franchise64,10,0001
2Eye drops PCD company2,22,0004
3Eye drops companies25,90,00,0006
4pcd ophthalmic company72,7004
5ophthalmic pharma companies in india4,90,0002

Website Name: Zoic Cosmetic

Category: Ayurvedic Cosmetic Manufactring Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1cosmetic manufacturers9,11,00,0001
2cosmetic company in india6,62,00,0006
3cosmetic third party manufacturing3,14,00,0009
4ayurvedic cosmetic manufacturer6,09,0005
5private label cosmetic manufacturers44,20,0001

Website Name: Vive Cosmetic

Category: Cosmetic Manufactring Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Cosmetic Manufacturing Company in India5,93,00,0003
2cosmetic manufacturers in punjab10,50,0004
3cosmetic manufacturers in chandigarh6,47,0004
4cosmetic manufacturers in delhi18,30,0005

Website Name:Scot Derma

Category: Derma Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Derma company in India23,00,0004
2derma pcd franchise85,9003
3derma pcd company1,20,0001
4derma products list96,80,0004

Website Name:Dietitian Nupur

Category: Diet & Nutrition

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Dietitian in Panchkula1,13,0001
2dietitian in mohali2,48,0003
3Dietitian in Chandigarh3,64,0006
4diet clinic in panchkula7,45,0001

Website Name:Dietitian Shubhra

Category: Diet & Nutrition

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Dietitian in India70,00,0001
2best dietitian in india28,20,0003
3famous dietitian in india12,00,0002
4Dietitian in ambala2,03,0001

Website Name:PharmaAdda

Category: Pharmaceutical Blogging

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1pharma companies in mumbai3,44,00,0004
2pharma companies in gujarat1,10,00,0001
3pharma companies in pune2,05,00,0004
4pharma companies in bangalore2,32,00,0001


Category: Pharma Third Party Manufacturing

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Pharma Third Party Manufacturing1,39,00,0003
2pharma third party manufacturer70,40,0002
3hand sanitizer manufacturers in india2,27,00,0005
4third party manufacturing pharma1,51,00,0005

Website Name:Ayurvedic Pharma Companies

Category: Ayurvedic Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Ayurvedic Companies in India95,10,0003
2ayurvedic company names19,60,0001
3ayurvedic pharma companies86,20,0001
4herbal company in india6,99,00,0004

Website Name:Inter Solar Systems

Category: Solar Industry

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Solar Water Heater Manufacturer1,68,00,0003
2Solar Water Heater Cost3,35,00,0002
3solar swimming pool heater1,63,00,0004
4Solar Business Franchise1,73,00,0002

Website Name: Biotic Healthcare

Category: Pharmaceuticals

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Pharma Franchise1,34,00,0004
2multinational pharma franchise company13,20,0001
3pharma franchise in india91,00,0003
4pharma franchise company1,23,00,0004

Website Name: Cosmederma

Category: Derma Company

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Derma PCD Franchise1,61,0001
2derma franchise8,03,0002
3derma pcd company1,82,0002
4derma company2,19,00,0001

Website Name: Smart Talk

Category: IELTs Institute

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Ielts franchise12,80,0004
2spoken english franchise82,80,0005
3spoken english classes in chandigarh17,90,0003
4ielts institute franchise5,40,0003

Website Name: Pious Ayurveda

Category: Ayurvedic ECommerce

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Best Shilajit brands in india 2,88,0001
2Ayurvedic Medicines for Breast Tightening11,40,0004
3Fat burning oils in India3,83,00,0003

Website Name: Premium Limo Australia

Category: Taxi Provider

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1best melbourne airport transfers62,10,0003
2limo car service melbourne58,00,0004
3best private airport transfer melbourne1,48,00,0005
4chauffeur cars melbourne airport18,30,00010

Website Name: Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing

Category: Nursing College

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1nursing colleges in chandigarh1,07,00,0003
2bsc nursing college in chandigarh19,70,0003
3msc nursing college in chandigarh 67,20,0004
4anm nursing college in chandigarh5,69,0002

Website Name: Peoples Property Point

Category: Real Estate

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1property dealers in zirakpur3,90,0003
2real estate agents in zirakpur47,40,0005
3property brokers in zirakpur10,80,0008

Website Name: Vision Vivaah

Category: Wedding & Event Planning

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Wedding planners in ludhiana86,70,0002
2wedding planners in punjab16,20,0004
3budget wedding planners in delhi30,20,0003

Website Name: Dietitian Priyanka

Category: Dietitian/ Nutritionist

S.NoKeywordsCompetitionCurrent Ranking
1Dietitian in Mohali2,39,0006
2Dietitian in zirakpur68,4004
3Dietitian in patiala76,6008
4dietitian in chandigarh for weight loss1,66,0003

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