SEO Packages In India

SEO Packages in India – Are you in the search for the best SEO packages in India? If yes, then you are at the right place. SEO has become one of the necessities in the internet world because of the numerous benefits it has to provide. Also, because of its cost-effective nature, but what acts icing on the cake is the availability of the different SEO packages. Here, we will discuss some of the best SEO packages in India which you can afford at cheap rates. For SEO Services call us at 7696228822.

SEO Packages in India

SEO provides more than one benefit to the persons using it. Today, you will rarely find any business that does not use search engine optimization services to enhance their services. High quality and authentic SEO services can be expensive for the small or local businesses, therefore, SEO packages help them to choose the most suitable offer.

Importance of SEO packages in India

You must be wondering the importance and need of SEO packages in India. Well, we are here to help you. Most of the big and well-known companies manage to earn profit through creative and innovative ideas. But the small companies require SEO to reach an audience and earn a profit. Some of the best SEO services are quite expensive that not everyone can afford. Therefore, SEO packages come as a blessing to help the customer choose the best offer and package for them that suits them the most. The increasing demand of SEO has made it essential for the companies or service providers to also provide these packages for the easy use of these services.

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Different SEO packages available in India

There are plenty of options in SEO packages to choose from. If we look back in the old days, there were not too many packages available. But now, because of the wide range of options available even the small businesses are getting a hike in the digital industry. There are different SEO packages for various types of SEO such as Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, and Global SEO. All these SEO have different prices and different functionalities. Below listed is the detailed information about these packages.

Basic SEO Package

As the name clearly indicates, this SEO plan is basic and is for the small business. Other SEO services would be the same there would be only small differences. Basic SEO plan starts from nine thousand per month excluding the taxes. Below listed are the services that differ from other plans.

  • 5- 6 Optimized article.
  • Up to 3 targeting cities.
  • Up to 5 social media profiles.

Standard SEO plan

Standard SEO packages are for the medium business. It starts from 18 thousand per month excluding the service tax and other taxes. This plan has a bit extra services than the basic one. Below listed are the services that are different from other packages.

  1. 10- 12 optimized articles.
  2. Unlimited targeting cities
  3. Up to 15 plus social media profiles handling.
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E-commerce SEO package

This package is one of the best packages in SEO that are available. It is a bit costlier than the other plans but the results you will get will definitely overshadow the extravagant price. You will get every bit of positive results after investing in this SEO packages. It cannot be afforded by everyone but it has its own benefits. This plan starts from 45 thousand per month and plus service tax and other taxes. Below listed are some of the unique services.

  1. 20- 22 SEO optimized articles.
  2. Unlimited product optimization.
  3. 45 plus social media profile handling.


So, if you were looking for the best SEO packages then aforementioned is the list you were in the search of. I hope this might have helped you in some bits. SEO packages give opportunities to every business to rise and shine in the digital industry. SEO is very important if you want good results for your business and website. So, go ahead and choose any of the above-listed packages that suit you the most and wait for the amazing results it has to offer.

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