How SEO Has Changed With Possum Update

How SEO has Changed with Possum Update

How SEO has Changed with Possum Update – Google constantly comes up with new updates with unique features so that everyone could get equal benefits. Most recent is the Possum update and if you are a regular internet user then you might be aware of this algorithm update. SEO has changed quite a lot with this new Google update. In case you do not know about it then here we will explain how possum update has changed SEO.

How SEO has Changed with Possum Update

Local SEO is the one that has been affected the most with this new update. If you do not have any concern with the location then you might not need to worry about the possum update. But if you want to target the local audience then this update is something you should take into consideration.

What is Possum update?

Possum update is the newest Google’s algorithm update that is beneficial and effective for all the local businesses and SEO.  It came out in the year 2016 and undoubtedly changed the scenario of local SEO and local search engine results. It has proven to bring a massive change in the local search with all the positive results. This update has more emphasis on the location that means users will get more accurate results. It also have separate filters for local and organic searches so that both can work independently. This is called Possum because Google name their updates after animals.

How Possum update will benefit the local SEO?

Possum update is effective and popular for all the right reasons. It was very difficult for local business to rank on the top positions in the search engine results earlier. But now with updates like Possum, local SEO seems to grow nicely. Businesses located even in the outskirts are getting more attention and response now. But these are not the only ways by which Google possum is effective. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Possum update to your SEO or your business.

  • This update filters majorly on address and affiliation that means it will be easy for local SEO to rank higher. If you have business that it outside the city then there is nothing to worry about. You can rank easily with the supdate.
  • Location of the user matters a lot if you run a local business. The general rule of possum is further the distance, lower the rankings. So with this update people are now optimizing the near me searches that is proving to be extremely beneficial.
  • Now a slight change in the keywords matter a lot i.e. they have a significant effect on the results. With this algorithm update Google has made itself more smarter. People can now have more specific results on their searches. This is equally beneficial for the businesses because they can optimize their website in order to reach target audience.
  • Earlier local search and organic search were pretty much the same. Because of the more popularity organic searches easily let the local search lag behind. But not after the introduction of Possum update. They are now drifted apart for good reasons. Many local business got benefits from this algorithm update.
  • With Possum update it is now easy for business to rank on the top which earlier was a tough task to do. This update has many unique features that lets people to promote their services as much as the organic SEO do.


The major impact of Possum update was on the local searches, rankings and especially the filters. Now those businesses are doing well who have had a tough time in getting ranks on search engine results. Google always come up with fresh updates that benefit people in every possible way. Many people are still not aware of what is this update and how it can benefit you. So I am sure this might have helped you a bit to understand. So if you run a local business then you must know how to get benefit from this update.

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