How to Rank Your Google My Business Page in Search Results

How to Rank Your Google My Business Page in Search Results

How to Rank Your Google My Business Page in Search Results – Have you ever wished to be able to rank your Google My Business page on top spots in search results? I am sure you do have couple of times. Getting ranks and then improving it further is a not as draining as it seems to be. If you know all the right tips and techniques you can surly get the good ranking on search engines.

How to Rank Your Google My Business Page in Search Results

We are often asked about the question that, How to Rank Your Google My business page in search results? So with this post, WebHopers will try to help you in getting good ranks for Google My Business page in the search results. If you already rank then this will help you in improving the ranking. Let’s get started.

Effective ways to make your Google My Business page Rank in Search Engines

Good optimization is the best way to getting ranks on search engines fir your Google My Business page. Here are best and time saving tips to optimize your account so that it gets good ranking. This optimization will not take your much time and you will definitely get the good results at the end.

So, here are the best way to get optimize your Google My Business page to get the best results in the forms of ranking. Here you go:

Check your Address

Confirming your address’s consistency and accuracy is one important factor. There should be consistent in your address use the same address everywhere on Google. Even a minor difference can affect. All the listing for your business should be done using the same address. Apart from this you should also check for your working hours. Do mention your right business hours in your page.

Select the right category for your business

Category is another important thing that needs to be selected rightly. While selecting this you can only add up to five services that you offer. This is the right platform to tell others about your most popular services but only five. If you only have limited services add them in.


Photographs add a lot to your Google business page it not only make it presentable but also affect the ranking factor. At least ad 3-4 photographs, you can add more if you want to. The photos could be of your happy staff or the front of your store or whatever your business is about. The best would be if photos capture these things:

  • The owner
  • Photos of key staff
  • Checkout area or the reception desk should be there in the photo
  • Photos of facilities or your retail area of your business
  • 2-3 photos of customers who are happy with your services

Eye Catching Introduction

Introduction should be written carefully by using proper keywords but smartly or you can also add link if you want. Introduction should tell about your company and how you want it to be. While writing Intro keep these things in India:

  • There should be good use of sub headers
  • Use bullet points
  • Do not stretch the paragraph

React to the Reviews that you have

Respond to all reviews whether they are negative or positive. Yes, you read it right! Responding to the negative reviews in a correct way and smartly. Even the negative reviews can have a lot more positive impact as well if replied well.

Post on your Google+ Page

Google My Business page can be shared on the Google+ page as they have a lot of overlaps. Sharing a post once in a weak is a good idea. You can share the following things:

  • Photos of your office or related to your business can be shared
  • You can also post the sale announcements
  • Also post the new employee announcements
  • Latest news related to your Industry


These were the few steps by doing which you will not only get the ranks but also attract a lot of customers. Add all these things and optimize your Google My Business page in this way to get the and improve ranking.

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