How To Protect WordPress Website Using ALL In ONE WP Security

How To Protect WordPress Website Using ALL In ONE WP Security

How to Protect WordPress Website Using ALL in ONE WP Security – If you are wondering how to protect your WordPress website using all in one WP security then we are here to help you. WordPress site’s security is very important to stay protected from various factors. All in one WP security is extremely effective and has the capability to take the security to the next levels.

How To Protect WordPress Website Using ALL In ONE WP Security

All in one WP security does really good for your website in every possible way. Your website is always under threat of getting damaged or anything related. Every website regardless of the platform it is built on requires security. There are a lot of options to choose from but All in one WP security tends to prevail for all the good reasons.

Why do you need All in One WP security for your WordPress website?

We cannot deny the fact that WordPress is already a very secure platform to be in. But the common security holes and issues from the careless handling by bad users or poor hosting configuration can really damage your website. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for anyone to add extra security for their websites. This security system has a grading system that allows you to keep a check on how well are you protecting your websites.  It has three main features the basic, intermediate and the advanced.

How to secure your website with All in one WP security?

Maintaining the security of your WordPress website is what most people fails to do because of some reasons. Security is very important if you want to excel in the digital world. If your site is completely secured then you will be safe from various threats. Below mentioned are the ways by which you can secure your website with All in One WP security.

  • All in One WP security has a lot of features and that becomes visible when you get to see fifteen settings page in the starting of the security admin. The dashboard page quickly allows you to check the security of your website.
  • If you will change the administrator username from admin to anything else then your security score will improve effectively and also you will get additional security points. The tabs in this section will also let you know about the IP addresses that have been blocked.
  • WordPress usually adds Meta tags in the header option which gives the authority to hackers easily hack your website. But if you have installed All in one WP security then it will allow you to remove that tag easily.
  • The changes you made in the plugins setting can be easily imported and exported to other sites you own with All in one WP security.
  • Another effective feature is the password strength tool. It tells you how much easy it would be for anyone to crack your existing password. This will help you to generate a strong password so that none can hack your website easily.
  • All in One Wp security also keep the details of the logging attempts. So anyone who tries to enter a wrong password would be tracked down and mentioned in the list. This is one of most effective feature that gives the assurance of excellent safety and security.
  • You can strengthen your registration field with the addition of captcha field and it also allows you to manually approve all the new accounts.
  • There is another lookup tool that lets you see the details about those who have tried to access your website without authorisation.


Without proper security, a website is always under the threat of getting hacked and damaged. Security is a must for every website to do well in the internet world. Above mentioned are the best ways to secure your WordPress website for a longer period of time. If you will follow them in the right way then your website will be secured. Your Website will be in safe hands if you will choose All in one WP security.

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