How to Optimize Website for SEO

How to Optimize Website for SEO

How to Optimize Website for SEO – Want your business or blogging website to rank higher in search results? Looking to generate revenue from your business website? If yes then you are at right place. We all aware of the fact that SEO i.e. search engine optimization is the modern day demand for all types of businesses. But after the google algorithms it become difficult for the SEO companies to stay in competition. So if you are a SEO expert and looking for SEO checklist to optimize website. Then team WebHopers is here for your help.

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What is Optimized Website and Why it is Necessary in SEO?

Most of the time it has been seen that most website developers develop a website in which front end looks good. But when it comes to technical points the website needs optimization. There are several technical points which one has to make changes. Like large CSS, usage of too much JavaScript, unoptimized URLs etc. So now the question arises what is optimized website.

How to Optimize Website for SEO

Well the optimized website has compressed CSS and JavaScript which helps in loading the website more fast. From SEO point of view speed is also a ranking factor. Also optimized website has a lot more factors which one should keep in mind i.e. optimized site URLs etc.

How to Optimize Website for SEO (Most Common SEO Checklist for Website Optimization)

In India it has been seen that people are not updated with the latest things going in online Industry. We are sorry to say this but that’s the bitter truth. SEO is the most common example. In past in SEO meta tags has the main role. But now time is changes and in future if you have to unleash the best fruit for your business. Then your development team should have to work accordingly.

How to Optimize Website for SEO

So here is the SEO checklist for website optimization. Follow it and see the results after implementation.

Step 1 : Research the Market Completely from the Scratch

According to our past experience it has been seen that most experts focus on wrong things. They plan their strategy accordingly. But this is not right. You have to take time while researching the market from scratch. Because it the base on which you have to strategies whole project. So if you are an SEO expert then firstly research on project deeply and filter the specific set of keywords in which competition is low and search results are highers. So that your client’s get good response.

Step 2: Know Your Competitors

Each and every industry has one competitor who is the king and everyone want to beat him. But how? Well if you don’t have any strong strategy then you can’t even come closer to him. So do complete competitive research which includes its top performing keywords, target business cities, offers, discounts etc. So that you can plan accordingly with that in order to give strong competition.

Step 3: Build a Strong Content Strategy

Content strategy is the modern day demand in SEO. In order to beat your competitors then this is the basic need. Without this you are not even able to give him competition. All the things are based on this strategy. It is like a basic special ingredient which you have to add in your CAKE. So it is up to you that you want your cake to be looks good and tastes delicious or not.

Latest Tips to Optimize Websites for SEO in 2016

In 2016 it has been seen that search engine giant GOOGLE has updated its algorithms to real time. So it becomes more important to fix all the bugs which are suffering your website ranking. Here are the latest tips to optimize website for SEO in 2016-2017 and are

  1. Optimize your website structure. Building website is the first step. But creating website which are relevant to search engine is a hard task. You have to sit with your developers and guide them some technical things which search engine really wants in SEO. Like user friendly and search engine friendly URLs. Optimize javascript and CSS of your website in order to improve speed. Use SILO structure in order to maintain website hierarchy.
  2. Implement relevant schema markups. For example if you have eCommerce store then implement schema of reviews and breadcrumbs URLs.
  3. Protect your website from duplicate content, keyword stuffing and irrelevant back linking.
  4. Use AMP techniques in order to increase the site reputation & authority for mobile searches. Check out this what MOZ has to say about AMP.
  5. Build a content strategy in which focus on content which is more user friendly and use keyword prominence techniques to the best.

What to Avoid while Optimizing Website for SEO in 2016?

Well there are several things which you have to avoid while optimizing website for search engines. Here is the list

  1. The first and most common thing which search engines don’t like is site duplicity. It is of two types. One is external duplicity (Which can easily be removed). The second is internal duplicity in which you have create your own duplicate internally. It is the most threatening thing in Organic SEO. So strategies your site structure according and use Canonical URL techniques to overcome this.
  2.  Avoid Keyword Stemming and Cloaking techniques. If you do so then your site might be go to sandbox and it’s all over afterwards.
  3. Stay away from server errors which hurts your SEO errors.
  4. Do not focus on buying paid links in order to increase website value. You’ll hit under Google Penguin algorithm.
  5. Be realistic and focus on providing quality.


SEO is not as easy in past. Presently it becomes hardest because of the algorithm updates. You have to think 360 degree in order to provide best results. So here is the SEO checklist in 2016 to optimize website. Hope you like it. Contact us anytime for any SEO related query on Skype – WEBHOPERS. Have a good day.


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