How To Optimize Videos For Google Search Results

How to optimize videos for Google search results

How to Optimize Videos for Google Search Results – We all are aware of the fact that Youtube is now one of the most famous search engines worldwide. Most people have a better understanding through the videos. In this technology driven society we are living in, there would be hardly anyone who have not seen a video. SEO marketing strategies are improving day by day and videos are no exception. Here we will get to know how to optimize the ideas for Google search results.

How to optimize videos for Google search results

Videos have now become an integral part of our lives and in the internet world. Anyone who will use videos in the right way can take his or her online business to the next levels. You can get higher ranks and traffic through creative and attractive videos of your services or products.

Tips to optimize videos for Google search results

Videos are undoubtedly a better way to increase the traffic and ranks on the search engine results. But there are millions of videos already out there and the competition is insanely tough. So in case you are wondering how to optimize the videos for Google search results then below mentioned are the best methods. Follow them to optimize your videos to improve your search results.


Content is and has always been the most powerful tool to optimize any website or video. With great, creative and unique content you can make your dreams into reality. Content is supremely effective especially in the online marketing world. If your video has unique and attractive content then no one can stop you from gaining high ranks and better search search results. You can get substantial amount of views on the videos that will eventually make you more popular on the Google.

Tagging and titles

Titles and tags are one of the major factors in bringing high ranks and traffic towards your channel and eventually in the search engine results. We are aware of the importance of keywords in optimization. Associating your video with the text and titles allow you to focus on specific keywords. Avoid to add irrelevant tags, it will make a video less tempting and attracting.

Video description

Video description is yet another major thing that can make your video look more attractive and interesting. A well written description with the relevant keywords can provide you better search engine results. Adding good description is one of search engine optimization strategy that is extremely effective.

Focus on Video keywords

Ranking high on Google is every online business owner’s dream. If you want your video to rank on the top in the Google search engine results then optimize around the video keywords. Focus on relevant keywords so that your video becomes more attractive and more likely to get more views and attention.

Use close captions

Close caption is an effective method to increase the value of your video. This feature will not only make things easy for Google but also for the people to find the information they are looking for. It is extremely easy to use and beneficial as well. Therefore, if you ever think to optimize your video, do not forget to use close captions.

Sharing and call to action

Sharing is necessary to attain high ranks and better search results. You can promote your videos on various social platforms. Also one another important and effective thing you can do is to create a call to action. This means you can encourage your customers or viewers to see what else you have to offer. This way you will be able to gain more attention and eventually better search engine results.


You definitely cannot make the mistake of underestimating the power of videos in online marketing of your product or services. Aforementioned are the best ways you can consider and follow to get better search engine results and ranks. Videos now play a very important role in people’s life and if you really want to excel in your online business then optimizing is all you need.

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