How to Optimize Images of Websites

How to Optimize Images of Websites

How to Optimize Images of Websites – Images are the most vital part of any kind of website. People generally get influenced by the images they see on the website. If you run an e- commerce website then images is the only thing that can help you to succeed in the online marketing world. Without people actually touching and picking up the things, they rely majorly upon the pictures to determine the quality and color of the product.So we are going to share one of the best tips to optimize website images which increases the value of your website.

How to Optimize Images of Websites

Optimization of the images is equally important as the optimization of the content. A picture is worth a thousand words and so it is in the world of online marketing and especially for the ecommerce websites.

What is image optimization?

Before the website image optimization tips let have a brief overview related to the image optimization. Image optimization is a process where you can optimize the images in a certain way. So that they are able to attract more and more number of people and eventually you will get higher ranks on search engines. There are many ways by which you can optimize you images on the website.

Why optimization of images is important?

Images are the most important part of your website. You can add thousand of words but one picture will bring your more traffic. One view of the image is way more effective to make people understand about your product or service. Search engines give a great value to images when it comes to SEO. Google has one different column where you can search all kinds of images.

How to optimize website images

Benefits of Image optimization for websites

There are plenty of benefits of optimizing your image on websites. If optimization is done correctly it can give you a lot more traffic and good ranks. Below mentioned are some of the other benefits that you can get from this.

  • Good and optimized images will surely draws more attention and eventually you will get more traffic.
  • There is less competition in the images search so if your image would be highly optimized then there is high chances of you to be found easily.
  • Your site will look more attractive than before.
  • Website will still rank higher even if you do not good quality content.
  • Images can leave behind the content when it comes to make people interested so this way you will get improved ranks on the search engines.

Things to keep in mind while optimizing the images of Websites

There are many things that has to be kept in mind when you are optimizing the images but here we have complied the three most important things that will definitely improve the ranks of your website and they are mentioned below.

  • Pick a good file name.
  • Do not forget to use alt text.
  • Reduce the file size to the extent which is required.

Steps to optimize the images for websites

Optimizing the images is very important and should be done with proper care and attention. Only then you will get higher ranks and more traffic. Below mentioned are the steps which you can follow while optimizing the images.

Choose the right file option

As we know that there are three main type of files and they are jpg, png and gif. They are used for different purposes and for different kind of websites. Jpg are used for images, photographs and banners whereas Png are used for logos and Gif are also used for logos but they are not a popular choice for it. So choose the right file option for your website and then proceed.

Save images properly

Large pictures or images take longer time to load and this could be the major drawback of your website so choose a small image that won’t take more time. People do not wait for the images to load so it is better to do things according to their convenience. There are some things that you can follow while saving an image.

  • Do not forget to save the right dimension of the image. This will help in fast loading of the site.
  • Save images for the web.
  • You can use image compression to reduce the size of the image. There are many tools from which you can compress an image.
Optimize your alt tags creatively

Alt tags are alternative tags that help in rendering the image when a search engine fails to do it. Also it adds SEO value to your websites which will eventually give you more traffic and improved ranks. Alt tags are the best when it comes to ecommerce and also in other online marketing websites.

Reduce the size of your images

Larger the image would be more time it will take to load and this could cause a reduction in the traffic because people do not wait for more than 3 seconds. So decrease the size of the image and wait for the results.

Knowing how you handle your thumbnails, using site maps, Using decorative images are also important part of optimizing the images. So if you were looking for the ways to optimize the images then I hope this might have helped you. Image optimization has came a long way and is very beneficial for good ranking and attracting genuine rankings. So if you still do not use it for your website then it is the right time to get started with this for getting numerous benefits.

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