How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Charge in India

Cost of digital marketing services

How much do digital marketing agencies charge in India – Do you know how much do online marketing agencies charge in India? If the answer is no, then this is the right place to brush up your knowledge. Whether you want to avail these services or simply offer it to the people, it is mandatory to know the current or approximate rates of online marketing services in the market.

Cost of digital marketing services

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If you do not want to get fooled by various service providing companies. Then make sure you are well aware of the current scenario of the online marketing industry. Finance is one of the most important parts of any kind of business and online industry is no different. Here, you will know about the various charges of the services offered in the online marketing field.

The approximate cost of Digital marketing services in India

If you are in the online marketing world, then there is no chance that you are not aware of the services it provides. Online marketing is a wide field which includes various services like SEO, SMO, PPC  etc. to name a few of them. Below mentioned is the spotlight on the various costs of online marketing services in India. Scroll down to have a look at them.

SEO plan

SEO in itself is a wide field that includes so many packages. The reason behind so many packages is so that people can choose any one of them according to their convenience and requirements. Below mentioned is the list of the many SEO plans for your business to choose from.

  • The basic SEO plans start from 9k excluding the service charges. This is basically for the small businesses. It has every basic requirement that it requires getting better results for the website.
  • Another one is the standard SEO plan that starts from 18k plus the additional taxes and charges. This plan is basically for the medium businesses and includes a bit more features than the small services.
  • The last plan is for the E-commerce SEO which is the most expensive one for the obvious reasons. This plan starts from 45k excluding the tax and other charges. This plan will provide the most of the services that will take your business to the next level.

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Pay Per Click Plan

Pay per click plans and packages are no different. The main format of the packages will remain the same, only the price and the features or services will face amendments. Below mentioned are some of the details on the PPC packages.

  • Basic PPC plans starts at 7, 500/- excluding the tax and will include the basic services.
  • Standard PPC starts from the 15% and a bit more services than the other packages.
  • The last packages include the E-commerce PPC plan that is a bit expensive for it has every service to provide to the website.

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Web designing and development packages

This is the most time consuming and effort worthy process ever done to a website. If you want your website to grow then this is the right method to implement. The packages will include everything that it requires to take your business to another level. Below mentioned is the detail of the various packages.

  1. The basic PPC plan starts from 16k and service charges extra.
  2. The standard one will include the charges from 32 thousand excluding the taxes and other charges.
  3. The Ecommerce PPC plan will include the high -level services and it starts from 62k. The results that you will get will definitely overshadow the money spent.

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So, I hope this might have been helpful for you to get the best knowledge about the cost that it takes for the online marketing services. Therefore, go ahead and now start either your own business or hire some services keeping these prices in mind.

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