Mobile APP Development for Pharma Companies

Mobile APP Development For Pharma Companies

Mobile APP Development for Pharma Companies – The present era is the age of technology and development. The frequent rise in the use of smartphones and mobile app stores, Pharma apps and healthcare apps are gaining a substantial amount of popularity from the last few years. The pharmaceutical industry has slowly begun to introduce mobile app development to the digital marketplace, in particular, to assist patient adherence.

Mobile APP Development For Pharma Companies

WebHopers Infotech PVT. LTD. is a Pharma Mobile App Development Company. Here, we have professional mobile app developers who love making mobile apps according to the theme. These Pharma mobile apps not only satisfy our customers but also delight users that use these Pharma mobile applications. Call 6000810002 for any type of app development for pharma companies.

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Gain from Mobile?

Technology and Research has a major impact on society from the last few years. We see how the practices of diagnosing and treatment of patients are changing from time to time. In the past decade, the Pharmaceutical Industry has gone through coordinating the debates such as

  • Mainstreaming Pharmaceutical Information
  • Regulating the Client’s Prescriptions
  • Security of Clientele Records.
  • The paper documents of patients were more likely to fall into the wrong hands or getting lost.
  • The Unsecured patient information.

As research and thus updates in technology continue, pharmacists are becoming more knowledgeable of the medicine and prescription that they are providing. Even nowadays the customers are demanding greater clarity with their prescription pickups, side effects, and any other relevant info so that they can be informed of the medicine as well.

Benefits of Pharma Apps

Pharmaceutical companies can aid their customers in many ways by developing B2C mobile applications such as

  • Push notifications – This help remind you to take your medicine or tell you when a prescription has been delivered to your pharmacy.
  • Also, customers can look up side effects to their medicine if they can’t reach their clinician
  • if they have a quick question that can be answered without a phone call
  • By using a platform, the application code, credentials and core management functions get in one central location
  • The mobile app can Provide doctors and physicians to collaborate with each other and also they can share the same information with their patients
  • Physicians are often very busy so giving the patients this information can reduce stress and time wasted on waiting for the physicians to respond.
  • Providing patients and doctors with an efficient medium to communicate allows both sides to find each other when doctors are looking to start a trial.
  • Ultimately, this will get the right patients into the correct trials allowing for safer and more thorough experiments.

WebHopers Infotech is a leading contributing apps for mobile development in Chandigarh, developing best class Pharma mobile apps as according to the world growing technological needs via different platforms like Android, IOS, Windows.

Our team has created mobile apps of any complexity and within the time-bound manner.

Pharmaceutical Website

  1. You can Invest In Building A Sales App – When someone plan on selling a drug, you need to have a lot of knowledge on it. A dedicated Pharma mobile app can help you consult all drug information such as complete with case studies, safety information and competitor information. This makes you more efficient to address any number of questions the doctor might ask.
  2. Get Your Medical Reference App – Sometimes you may be far away from your medical books for back to back meetings. Besides, as new studies get published, the paper-based manuals also need to be edited and revised time and again.
  3. Your app can make lab work and meetings so much easier for you. It can save you hours that you spend in reference search and consultations. Use all the extra time you save in getting to the top of your game.
  4. Build A Training App – Once again, you can save valuable time that you would need to spend training new employees each time. Your training app can include videos, embedded documents and interactive charts which can enable anyone to self-train. They can even include tests to check your own progress.
  5. Analytics And Tracking App – A medication tracking app can be highly valuable in building customer trust over time. When anyone asks customers for data, this app not only gives you vital insight into your product, it also gives a customer the impression that you take their feedback seriously.

What are the Factors which Webhopers use to make your Pharma mobile app?

Let’s discuss the major factors that WebHopers Infotech consider while making apps.

  1. Many people nowadays suffering from autoimmune, metabolic, genetic and other severe diseases that make patients follow strict precautions and guidelines. All the Doctors recommend them for routine checkups and regular supervisions.
  2. Our company is able to make an app that can look after such complications. Considering this problem your Pharma app can address the issues of the patients.
  3. There are Majority of the population in the world which still cannot pay for health care services as these services are costly. Pharma companies can make use of this matter and make with the help of our mobile app one can take care of such real issues.
  4. The Pharma mobile app that can send notifications to a person about the free health checkups for the specific disease, plan/ schedule appointments and make them remind about the schedule beforehand. We think, Providing a helping hand to a needy person is also a considerable way of endorsing your brand.
  5. It’s a time of online services. Right from home delivery of food to booking cabs – people are getting used to doing everything online from various mobile apps. With the help of Webhopers Pharma mobile app, Pharma companies can add one more service in this list i.e. Doorway delivery of the prescribed medicines.
  6. Pharma companies can make Mobile app’s which records patient information. With this, when the person will buy recommended medicines for another ailment, the app will tell him/ her of the reactions or allergies that can happen with the clash of multiple drugs. This can helps both the brand and the product and gather a massive following from the crowd of patients.
  7. Many Diseases do not have any proper cure. Healthcare and pharma companies can build social networking service apps that can connect the patients having similar ailments or disease with each other. This will encourage patients to assist one another and control their medical issues while conducting day-to-day activities.

Some of the App Ideas for Pharmaceutical Companies Available by Webhopers

Below we explore some of our ideas on how pharmaceutical apps can be made:

1. Pharma Sales Mobile app – If you’re a pharma sales representative You should have every possible knowledge of the drugs you’re aiming to sell. A mobile app can help by allowing you

  • The easy consultation of all relevant sales and drug information, and clinical studies
  • Safety information and other competitor product information.
  • This can help you improve your understanding of the drug
  • Sell it better and answer any questions from doctors more accurately.
  • Having access to all this info on your mobile device gives you better mobility while traveling between meetings

2. Medical reference Pharma Mobile app

To consult reference books for medical information is really difficult and boring. Or paper-based manuals which change daily as new studies are published. With the help of medical reference app

  1. Now with this mobile app, you can consult any medical reference book in digital format at any place or time just by using smartphone or tablet
  2. A reference manual can be instantly updated every day as new and amended information becomes available.
  3. All this saved time gives you the potential to invest it elsewhere
  4. Help you stand out from competitors and stay at the top of the industry.

3. Pharma Training Mobile app –

Apps offer you a way to ensure your employees’ knowledge is up-to-speed without compromising on additional budgets or other employees’ precious time.

  • Apps can provide new employees with a wide range of training materials.
  • Videos, interactive charts, and embedded documents are great examples of this

4. Medication tracking and analytics Pharma Mobile app –

A medication tracking app is a perfect example: on the one hand, you’ll be giving customers a great tool that will make them trust your brand; on the other, the data they log on the app could give you great insight into how the drug is performing.

  1. Webhopers understands and already working with different pharma companies. We have experience of several years working with the pharmaceutical industry. Our company know the guidelines and understand how pharma is different from other industries.
  2. We are using the most recent and advanced healthcare web and software development technologies and tools to provide solutions for multi-center operations.
  3. We know the use of Native apps on all major platforms. Such as iOS, Windows, and Android. Webhopers believe that native apps are maximizing the user experience.
  4. Everything WebHopers build is custom-made on top of our huge reusable code library. This is the key to being agile and delivering your app within the project timelines.

For any type of Pharma App Development services in Android & IOS feel free to contact us anytime.

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