How Many Keywords To Use Per Page For SEO

How many keywords to use per page in SEO

How many keywords to use per page for SEO –  Keywords are undoubtedly the very important part of the search engine optimization. On one hand, appropriate usage of keywords can give you the highest ranks and a lot of traffic towards your website. On the other hand use a wrong keyword and it will damage your social image. So to prevent you from this situation we will discuss on how many keywords you should use per page for SEO.

How many keywords to use per page in SEO

This is the most common question that strikes to everyone’s mind in the SEO world. But there is no specific answer to this question. Keywords can be a single or multiple depending upon your services and products. If you want to get success and become popular in the internet world then you really need to know about how to use keywords so that they can provide you the benefits.

What are keywords in SEO?

A keyword is a word or a phrase that is used in search engine optimization that describes the content of a web page. They are used to increase the value, rankings and traffic of a website, brand or business. Correct use of keywords can incredibly help your business to grow. Keywords help people to easily find or reach you. Therefore, if you do not use keywords then this is the right time to do it.

Benefits of using keywords in SEO

Keywords play a great and a very important role in improving the overall results. You can never get enough of the benefits that keywords have to offer. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using keywords in search engine optimization.

  • Using right keywords will increase the click through rates of your website. That will in turn increase the traffic and sales of your respective business.
  • Correct keywords will place you on the top ranks of the search engines. Top ranks mean more viewers turning into customers and eventually more profit.
  • Right keywords will not only help you to reach people but will also help users or viewers to easily reach you.
  • Your brand will get more popular with the right keywords used at the right place.

Types of keywords you should use in SEO

There are basically two types of keywords used for the search engine optimization. They are short tail and long tail keywords. These both are important in their own ways. They further have sub categories that you can use in order to boost your online presence and performance. Below mentioned are the types of keywords you can use in SEO.

  • Market defining keywords.
  • Customer oriented keywords
  • Product keywords
  • Service keywords
  • Competing company keywords
  • Local ranking keywords

How many keywords should you use per page?

There is no correct answer to this most common question. The number could be from one to twenty depending on the quality of keywords. A single keyword of high quality can give you more results than ten or fifteen worthless keywords. You need to focus on the main and important keywords that will give you more beneficiary results. You need not to apply the same amount of keywords to every page. Below listed are some of the pages where you can use the main keywords.

  • Blog pages
  • Landing pages
  • Home pages


Keywords are really very important. Their amount in general does not matter much but their quality does. You need to use worthy keywords that will actually help you for good. If you were looking for the answers on how many keywords you should use per page then I hope this might have been a bit helpful. Therefore, use the right amount and high quality keywords to benefit your brand or website.

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