What is Link Juice in SEO

How to Pass Link Juice in SEO

What is Link Juice in SEO – Are you willing to make your site rank higher in the popular search engines? Do you want more traffic towards your respective website? If yes, then Link juice is what you really need to know about. You might have heard about this term if you are indulged in SEO. But do you know what actually a link juice is in SEO? Well, if you do not know then I hope this will be helpful for you to brush up your knowledge.

How to Pass Link Juice in SEO

If you really want your site to rank higher then you cannot just rely on the older methods of optimizing. You need to upgrade your website so that it becomes capable enough to beat other sites in terms of ranking. Link juice is a very important aspect in the world of SEO, and it brings various benefits along with it.

Definition of Link Juice in SEO

A link juice is a very important factor in the Search engine optimization to bring higher ranks in the search engine. It is a very casual term used in the SEO world that means the power transferred to a site through internal or external linking of various other websites.

How to Pass Link Juice in SEO

More relevant your link juice is, higher will be the ranks of your site in the search engines. Or simply the link equity that passes from other sites to your site is the link juice, and this link juice varies in its authority depending on the sites linking to your site.

How link juice work in Search engine optimization?

The main aspect or factor on which link juice works is the number of internal and external links pointed towards your website. Ranking of a website on the search engines hugely depends on link juice it passes regardless of the back links it has. Now for more clear knowledge below mentioned are the details about how the link juice flows in SEO.

  • If a certain site has more links pointed towards it than the other site then it very obvious that it will have higher ranks than the site that has less number of links pointed towards it.
  • Now you might be thinking that if your site has more number of links attached then, you will get higher ranks. But you are certainly wrong in this case. You should make sure that the links that you pointing towards your site should only pass the link juice to your site and not to others.
  • Generally if you have “do follow” links, then the link juice will pass equally to all the outgoing links of a website. But if you have a no follow link then the case might get worse. Reason being the no follow link does not receive the link juice in most of the cases.

Tips to improve the Link Juice of your website

Now the most common mistake people commit is that they concentrate on passing the link juice to their homepage only. If you want higher ranks then you really need to pass the link juices to other web pages also. Below mentioned are some of the other tips that you can follow to improve the link juice of your website.

  • The best way to improve the link juice of your website is through to include a sitemap on your homepage. Reason being a sitemap is a very effective way to showcase your web pages not only to the users but also to the search engines.
  • Another major factor is interlinking pages of your websites to one another. People often neglect this major way to improve the link juice of your website. Internal linking will not only improve the ranks but will also improve the bounce rate of your blogs.
  • External links are equally important as the internal links. You should also focus on improving the external links in order to further improve the link juice of your website.
  • As said before, you should avoid concentrating on passing the link juice to your homepage only.
  • You should definitely not commit the mistake of wasting the link juice. So, use the link juice wisely in all your web pages.
  • Also make sure to point the relevant links to your website only then the link juice will be beneficial.

Benefits of Link juice in SEO

There are actually plenty of benefits of link juice in the world of SEO. The major benefit it provides is the higher ranks in the search engines. If you want higher ranks then it is mandatory for your website to get quality and relevant link juice. When you will get higher ranks, then eventually traffic for your site will increase for the very obvious reasons. More traffic means more profit and more returns on your investments. Overall link juice is a very important and effective way to follow in order to get success in the world of SEO.


Link juice can help your site to rank higher in the search engines. Now that you are aware of what exactly a link juice is, so you can implement it effectively to get the best results. You can also follow the above mentioned tips to improve the link juice to get better results. So if you have been ignoring or not using link juice in a right way, then it is the right time to update your site.

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