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Link Building – Link Building is a search engine technique which is used by SEO experts in order to rank website higher in search results. Link building techniques are considered as best part in SEO. It helps in increasing the reputation of the the site towards search engines. Well no doubt link building is a valuable part in search engine optimization. But it is too risky also. While doing any link building you have to keep no follow and do follow concept in mind.

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SEO Link Building

Why Link Building is a Important Part in SEO?

It is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from others website. But now the question arises that why link building is the important part of SEO. Well as we above mentioned that it is the most important part in search engine optimization. The reason behind the importance of link building in SEO is that it help in providing increasing the trust factor. For example if you are a new in industry but you have strong links then your reputation grows automatically.

What Link Building Means to Search engines?

For search engines there are two types of meaning which links gives i.e.

  1. To discover new webpages.
  2. To highlight website reputation in order to increase high in search results.

Once you have submitted at URL in search engines then their crawlers crawl that and check all the things present in URL. If you have quality & unique content present in that URL then it’ll provide you weightage. If you have hyperlinked a text whose link is going to a site who has high reputation. Then it helps in increasing reputation of that content and provide good search engine rankings.

Link Building Factors Which you need to know

Well if you are into doing link building more in SEO rather than focusing on ON page optimization then it could be difficult. There are several link building factors which create negative impact on website. When it comes to negative impact then this means you can lose search engine ranking or sometimes your website may be moved to sand box. The main factors in link building are

  1. No Follow Link Building
  2. Do Follow Link Building

Well in link building there are two major concept one is no follow and other is do follow links. Both these factors has its own value and importance. If you have very strong strategy and can have the ability to use no follow and do follow concept then no one can beat you.

What is No Follow & Do Follow?

Now the question arises that what are no follow and do follow concept in SEO link building. Let us discuss with example. For example there are two websites A & B. There are two cases. In case 1 site A is in no follow and Site B is in Do follow. Now if site A is linked with site B then site A got more weightage or link juice. The reason behind is that site A is not giving any of its link juice to site B because of No follow tag.

Case 2: If both the websites are in do follow then equal link juice or you can say that weightage is transferred to one another.

So if totally depends on your creativity and strategy how well you can use link building concept.

Do we Provide Link Building Services?

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