Lead Management Software For Pharmaceutical Industry

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Lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry – Pharmaceutical industry is leading and growing rapidly, and to manage the pharmaceutical companies there are many lead management CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software are available. The lead management software, manage the leads by working on various parameters and helps to grow the firm by tracking all the necessary details and activities. Scroll down to know the best Lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry.

The lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry is in huge demand as these are the key to the growth of any sort of business. For pharmaceutical industries, there is the Lead management software that is designed with advanced features by keeping all the perspective of pharmaceutical industry in the mind. It helps the industry in all the best possible way. The lead management software works in such a way for a pharmaceutical industry that makes easy to track the growth rate of the industry. Here is the top lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry.

Lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry

There is the number of lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry that manages the overall activities of the company. It tracks the customer’s details, sales details, profit graphs, call records, email tracking and all the necessary activities which help in the growth of the company and also make the firm to work in a smooth and well-organized manner. That is why the lead management or CRM software is important and is in huge demand. Below is the top Lead management software for the pharmaceutical industry.

WH Suites

WH Suites is the fully loaded lead management software or complete ERP solution for all the pharmaceutical companies. This software is full of features like

  1. Lead auto-assign
  2. Team hierarchy
  3. Leads tracking
  4. Bulk Lead Assignment
  5. Upload Leads in Bulk
  6. Team Hierarchy maintain
  7. Sales Revenue Team-wise

The Price of WH Suites is INR 40K.

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This is a cloud-based CRM or leads management software, it is a sales and marketing solution with e-commerce functionalities in a suite.  This CRM delivers sales volume and customer service experiences. Infusionsoft helps to track customer interactions, emails, contacts. From inventory management to purchase and payments, the user can manage their e-commerce. It also set up the online cart, send quotes, invoices, and receipts.

  • Makes the work more flexible.
  • Keeps the track of all the activities
  • Good solution for marketing and sales.
  • Increases the growth rate.

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot with cloud-based platform helps to nurture the leads and analyze the business metrics. This CRM software for pharmaceutical industry is suitable for both B2B and B2C business. It provides a visual dashboard with a real-time view of the sales funnel. It automatically tracks all the activities, enables the users to manage or create email templates and track the performance of those, it also notifies the user on any activity.


The Netsuite CRM or lead management software is for small and midsize organizations it is a cloud-based CRM. It caters thousands of customers including wholesale distribution, publishing, and retail. The iPhone application extends the functionality of the software. It tracks each activity and offers a graph reporting of growth rate by working on all the parameters.

  • Track the activities.
  • Offers the growth chart.
  • The cloud-based CRM.
  • Works on several parameters.
  • Enhance the growth ratio.

amoCRM Software

The amoCRM Software helps to manage the sales pipeline, feedback about salesperson performance also could be received. The software offers nurturing, lead scoring, sales analytics, and email integration. Offers the follow-up tasks that keep the user updated about the meetings. Keeps the track of all the major and m=inor activities and helps in the growth of the firm.


Claritysoft CRM is cloud-based lead management or CRM software, offers the sales automation, customer support, and services, marketing automation. The account management, calendar management, pipeline management are the key features of this software. It also shows the contact location, google maps and helps to plan routes for sales representatives.


These are the lead management software for pharmaceutical industry that helps the firm to grow faster by keeping the track of all the activities. The track of customers details, call records, email tracking, and many more features help to manage the leads in a well-organized way. These CRM or lead management software are designed to enhance the business in an organized way.

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