Latest Digital Marketing Trends For Travel

Latest Digital Marketing Trends For Travel

Latest Digital Marketing Trends For Travel – Traveling is leisure activity love by all. Do you know 60% of people accept traveling as their largest discretionary purchase of the year? Yes! It has beat the like, like health products, financial investment, home renovations etc. If you are a traveling agency company, you surely have to know some latest digital marketing trends for travel. They are the best part about going online.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends For Travel

Digitalizing is the new way of having an enormous presence in the market. The biggest of the known names are encircling their business online, then why not you? Digital marketing is the new mix for promotional activities. The aspects are many but catching up with the trending is the thing here. In this blog, we will share some latest digital marketing trends for travel.

Facts & Figures Of Digital Marketing On The Travel Industry

Digital Marketing concept is still a growing concept. It is growing stronger year by year. 3G and 4G on way makes searching and booking very easy. We present you some facts on an aspect of digital marketing on travel including tourism, airlines, & hotels.

  • The number of Online Booking and Check-Ins has increased over the years.
  • 81% Customers believe on traveling experiencing posts, videos and reviews being made online.
  • 70% of the crowd makes a research before making a decision about where and how I want to travel.
  • Airline has been the biggest affluent customer comparison shopping for tickets etc.
  • Traditional form of lodging has come to 48% making online trend up to 52%.
  • Online traveling videos affect the 90% crowd to react in some or the other positive way.
  • More than 90% are intending to open a new website this year. They are those who have enjoyed digital marketing in their business.

New Trends Of Digital Marketing For Traveling Hospitality Industry  

Digital marketing helps build your image and converse those mre vistiros to potential consumers. There is no doubt, the world in on the screen. It would rather tap some fingers to juice out the information rather asking people about it. here are some latest digital marketing trends for travel hospitality agencies and more.

Mobile Friendly Window

Most of the travelers rely on thier smart phone for making any research, booking or payment etc. In the era where you can make every move online, you need to have an app or website. It should be mobile friendly. 60% of travelers make a mobile research making mobile friendly. Do you know, 83% of “best time to visit” searches & 68% of “flights from” searches take place on mobile phones. Now, if you are not mobile friendly, surely you lose the customers to the most.

Social Media Marketing Especially Instagram

You need to have a social media account on trending media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Scoopit!, Tumbler Etc. 2017 sees a rise in social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. It leads to multi-channel marketing. Majority of people like to connect with travel agencies through social media. The more you share, you are more likely to reside in their mind.

 Visual Content At Rise

Contents are an important aspect but if you do not add image or videos to your website, it would not generate much. Travelling videos have been loves by all globally. More than 90% of information that is received from the brain is visual in nature. The number of watching a video has doubled over a short span. Adding a good video content can help you raise your profits.

Optimize The Content At Best

Content Marketing lays a crucial role in getting the rank which you want on your search engine. More than 7-0% of people never turn the page to next for making a search. The top searches get the majority of cream which is profitable consumers. Digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimization.   It will help you get into top searches. Maintain a Google+ profile and optimize it to highest who knows you can get to feature on Carousel feature. It lets you display images on top of the searches mostly like a film strip or a single display image. Google mapping also makes it possible.

Influencer Marketing

You are sharing your articles and websites everywhere but why you’re doing it? it is simply to influence the consumers.  The consumers share their views through contents, images and videos on their own profiles and accounts. Social channels like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram etc make a good way. It helps in increasing On-site booking and visual presence building brand awareness.

Inspire Travelers Rather Beautifying Images

Digital marketing may focus on sharing your posts, images and videos. The thing that is trending is reputation management. By uploading beautiful images of your service are not enough, real travelers make more influence on others. Keep on monitoring the views being made online. Always have appositive and warm approach towards them.


Travel industry related people should adopt digital marketing to promote their business. you can make social media profiles, share your links and make the best of your presence. Surely, you ultimate service will garner you best returns. Make sure you monitor your reviews on daily basis and be polite enough to make your servci9es better. For best Digital services, contact WebHopers which is a reputed digital marketing company in Chandigarh city.

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