Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog – Are you a blogger? Do you write for online readers? Want to reach maximum consumers for a successful blog? While search engine optimization can be the ultimate solution, your content keyword analysis can help you. Thinking how is it possible? Know why keyword research is the first step to successful blog.

Why Keyword Research Is The First Step To Successful Blog

Keywords help you find people who are consumers and not mere visitors! You write contents and blog them for your interest. No denying to the bitter truth that less appreciation de-motivates after some time.  Even if you are a company or an organization, if your posts are not being viewed, it won’t be profitable as well.

Google has some interesting algorithms which make keywords the undefeated king for good ranking and visibility. Though changes have appeared in keyword analysis but they still play an important part of good search engine optimization. If you are a blogger, then you should know the importance of keyword research. In this post, you will know about why keyword research is the first step to successful blog.

What Is Keyword in Blogging?

Internet is a blog spot! Thousands of blogs are published daily. When you write for the masses, you are likely to select words which give you maximum outputs. Thus, these words are called keywords & searching of these words is called keyword research. To make it clearer, the word that the consumer types into the search box is the keyword. They are mostly three to four words long phrase. Thus, they can be string of keywords also.

The blog that you wrote may be in Magento, Word Press, Dotnetnuke, Squarespace, Drupal etc. All these content management systems have one thing in common i.e. the selection of good keywords. It helps in getting the good rank of your blog.

How Does Keyword Research Work?

Keywords selection can trick. It is just like playing trial and error game. As time progresses, you will get the real idea behind every good ranking which Google keywords take into account. Phew! This can be time consuming. Tools are presented for you to actually do some good keyword research. We have Google Adwords Keyword Planner & SEO Book Keyword Research Tool. So, if you are new to this world, these tools can be your weapons. These tools can be little tough at first but it will ease out with little experience.

Keep a set of keywords aside as a part of research. Those keywords should directly aim the topics and services that your blog is promoting. Irrelevant keywords will not bear fruit even though they are searched the most. Your blog needs to attract customers and not visitors.

Following points you need to keep in mind for good selection of words. They are as follows:

  1. The words that you are selecting should have at least 1000+ searches per month.
  2. They should be high paying as well as low competitive keywords.
  3. If your competitor thinks a word is not worthy, never underestimate the word. Algorithms change, so does the importance of a word.
  4. It is a good practice to use senses. The tools can misspell the keywords too. So, just discard them.
  5. Keyword analysis of top 5 Websites is a good practice & tactics.
  6. You can create long tail keywords of two or more good keywords. It has helped to garner better results.
  7. Being a blogger, you should know keywords stuffing will never be fruitful. Thus, you can choose Synonym Google Ranking Technique which suggests using synonyms of the keywords.
  8. Check keyword density which should be between 1% & 2%.

Why Is Keyword Search So Important For Your Blog?

While writing a content or blog is a still a task, the main aim is that your content should make sense. What if you want to make your blog successful? Your first point in the list of priorities should be the keywords. Want to why keyword research is the first step to successful blog? We give you points to consider.

Your Blog Is Full Of Keywords

Google suggests the use of keywords which should be around 3% to 5% of the content. The better you will be placed, the smarter you use these keywords. Keyword stuffing is seen as spam in eyes of Google but you can actually work smart. Once you get the right keywords for your blog. You need to use them good. Every content management system is keyword friendly. Thus, your blog contains keywords in many variants. They are as follows:

  • The Page Title.
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • Synonyms Of Keywords.
  • Meta Tags & Meta Keywords.
  • Meta Description.
  • Image File Paths & Image Alt Texts.
  • Anchor Texts.
  • Inbound Links & Outbound Links

Good Selection Of Keywords For Good Ranking

We give you a simple example of keyword selection. Let say the words – “Keyword”, “Keywords” & “Keyword Phrase”. They are have a similar meaning. What is the difference in the eyes of keywords research? These words hike 859, 723, 45 resp. searches per day! Thus, when you consider a keyword, we consider words as individual which can be packed in a group also.


Keyword research is every crucial for bloggers. To get a good ranking and view of your profiles, keyword is the first step to a successful tomorrow. I hope the article was of use to you.

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