How To Install Themes In WordPress

How to Install Theme in WordPress

How to Install Theme in WordPress – Are you looking for the ways to install themes in your WordPress? If yes, then you are at the perfect place. As a beginner, you come across a variety of options to choose from. You try every theme until you get the right one. It could be difficult for you to install the theme if you have just stepped into the digital world. So here we will discuss the best methods to install themes in WordPress easily.

How to Install Theme in WordPress

Installing a WordPress theme is very easy if you know all the right ways to do it. Themes have a powerful impact on how your website looks and its overall performance in the internet world. WordPress offers so many beautiful and effective theme that works in favor for your website in every possible way.

Steps to install themes in WordPress easily

Installing a WordPress theme was never tough, you just need to follow the right steps. Right themes can make your website super popular and can help you to make more sales and profits. Below mentioned are the easy steps following which you can easily install themes in WordPress.

  • The first step you need to do is to log in to your WordPress account and go to the appearance > themes.
  • Here you will come across the themes you have already installed into the account. If you want to add new theme then click on the install themes tabs.
  • Now you will two options to install new themes. One is from the search field that will redirect you to the WordPress directory and the other method is by uploading a theme from your hard drive.
  • The easiest way to install the theme is through the WordPress directory. Each and every theme available here have different tags that make it easy for you to choose the right theme that will work best for your website.
  • If you want the perfect theme but somehow are not able to select one then you can also apply some filters on it to get the best theme for your website.
  • After seeing the demo of the theme you can finally install it.
  • After the installation of the theme click on the acticate link on the page you will be redirected to.
  • If you have a different theme that is not listed in the WordPress directory then you can easily install it by uploading it first.
  • That’s it you will have a completely different website with a new theme and looks.

What is the importance of selecting the right WordPress theme?

In the recent years, WordPress has grown immensely and so are the websites that are built through it. There are thousands of themes available to choose from in WordPress. But selecting the right WordPress theme is pretty much important. This is an internet driven world where people want everything perfect so your theme has to be perfect in every way to satisfy your customers. Below mentioned are some of the features of the correct theme for your WordPress.

  • WordPress theme should support the responsive design of the website so that it mobile users can browse your website easily.
  • Your theme should load quickly because in today’s time no one actually waits for the website to load.
  • Browser and device support are as important as the page load for a good user’s experience. So make sure to choose a theme that loads fast along with the aforementioned things in mind.


Themes are really important if you want to attract customers on the basis of how your website looks. It has other benefits that can really work for your website in ways that you would have never imagined. It can be really difficult to choose from the numerous options that are available. Once you select the right theme everything will work the way you want it to. Above mentioned are the best steps or methods to install themes in WordPress easily.

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