How To Improve Website Speed Score

How to Improve Website speed Score

How to Improve Website speed Score –  Loading speed of a website is extremely important for its success in the internet world. This is an internet driven age where people want speed. If you have good content and services but if the loading speed of your website is low then it is absolutely worthless. So here we will discuss the ways on how you can improve the website speed score.

How to Improve Website speed Score

Not only people but Google also like pages that load fast. If your competition website loads faster than you then they are most likely to get the traffic that you deserve. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to take action against the slow speed of your website.

Why website speed is important?

Website speed is something that will make or break your online presence. Internet is all about speed and we could not agree more to this fact. No one will waste their time on your website if it takes ages to load. Everyone wishes to invest their time on the websites that loads fast and have what they want. Therefore, if you own a website that loads slow then it is the right to act on it.

Tips to improve website speed score

There are many ways to improve the website speed score. You just need to apply them with carefully so that they can give you the required results. Below mentioned are some of the best tips to improve your website speed score instantly.

Start compression

You can use from the various software applications for file compressions to reduce the size of your java or HTML files. If these files are larger than 150 bytes then they can cause slow loading which can harm your website’s image. Gzip is one of the effective software you can use for file compression.

Optimize the codes

By optimizing your codes which also includes the removal of commas, spaces and other unwanted characters can surprisingly increase your page load speed. You can also remove the code comments, formatting codes and unused codes.

Use less redirects

Whenever you apply a redirect to your page, it makes the user wait. And waiting for a site to load is not something today’s generation is very fond of. Therefore, in order to increase your page loading speed you need to reduce the use of redirects.

Work on server response time

Server response time depends on the traffic you receive. You can increase your server response time with the help of software. Otherwise you can look for other problems like slow routing, lack of adequate memory and try to fix them.

Optimization of images

This is the major cause of low loading speed of a website. Make sure that your website has images of right format and compressed so that they do not interfere in the loading speed of the website. You can use various software to compress the image size or through some changes in settings. Low size images helps in fast loading and end results are high ranks and good traffic.

Enable the browser caching

With enabling the browser caching you can reduce the load on the server as it pulls the information that is already in the user’s browser. This means editing the HTTP headers to set expiry dates on some files. Eventually you will get high website speed.


A design also plays a major part in attracting people towards your website. Many people in order to make their design more innovative ends up in low site speed score. Therefore, you should make sure to make design that is simple yet creative and also should have fast loading speed.


By now you might be aware of how important is website speed score. It is really important to have good loading speed of the website because of the obvious reasons. Above mentioned are the best tips to follow to increase website speed score. Therefore, apply them and see results you were longing for.

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