Importance of Keywords in SEO

Importance of Keywords in SEO

Importance of Keywords in SEO – Are you a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst or expert? Are you new to the industry? Have you been told to focus on keywords more often? The Search Engines changes algorithms more often every year. Many believe that the use of keywords have been old fashion. It ain’t the truth! Know the importance of keywords in SEO to get the idea behind to become a good SEO expert.

Proper Selection & Frequent Optimization of Keywords of Your Blog/ Website can Actually Yield Better Ranking & Traffic

Importance of Keywords in SEO

With frequent changes in the algorithms of Google, Yahoo! & Bing, keywords surely have feel from the throne but are still intact with the good results. Basics and Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimiaztion process is important which is incomplete without knowing what keywords are, how they are actually used and what role do they play in optimization process. If you are new to the concept of SEO, then we provide the guidelines to importance of keywords in SEO.

What Is SEO Keywords? Know More about Them

Let us look at the multiple of contents you have written and published! Suppose out 100%, you are receiving good traffic from 5% only. Why is it so? Why is the difference? The answer is the keyword!

Under SEO, keywords are the words or a phrase which focus on the needs, creativeness and convenience of the relevant traffic. The use of good keywords can help increase the people reach the website of yours through search engine. Thus, a good optimization process can increase the visibility of your content on good search ranking of the search engines.

How are SEO keywords actually selected? If you are a fresher, then we would like to tell you that keywords are tricky and delicate. They work as trial and error till you get the basic idea. The popular word search or phrase helps you get the maximum ranking. It is an on-going process and needs to be frequently optimized by replacing with better keywords which are popular. You can primarily focus on head keywords or long-tailed keywords.  Experimenting is the best thing to do with new and better version rather imitating your competitors.

Relation Of Good Ranking With Keywords

SEO keywords are focused on two kinds which are head keywords which are short in nature containing one or two words whereas long-tailed keywords are long in nature and contain a whole phase like “How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Weight Loss”.

The Varied Use Of Keywords In Content:

Your content contains the focused keywords more often than you can actually imagine which are as follows:

  • The First Place where we use our keyword is the Page Title.
  • Second Keyword is ultimately linked with URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for e.g (the words in bold are the key words).
  • Variations by using synonyms can help enhance the credibility of the content which turn optimizes the keyword density.
  • Using Keywords and targeted phrase as meta tags & meta keywords.
  • Meta description is also one of the important aspect search engine takes in to consideration.
  • Image File Paths & Image Alt Texts are also an aspect of indirectly counting the keywords for better optimization. This also enhances the look of the page.
  • The last but not the least, the anchor text also use keywords for better usage fo rankings.

Synonym Google Ranking Technique

One of the controversial topics is keywords stuffing which makes the content boring and far reach of ranking. Google suggests the use of keywords which should be around 3% to 5% of the content. The stuffing of a similar word can deprive the content from the tagline of uniqueness which can limit the content to reach the desired ranking.

When you search “SEO Services” you will get a pool of suggestion like SEO Experts, SEO Consultant, SEO Company etc. Have you ever thought why? Google suggests a variety of synonyms and not merely depends on the exact keywords searches. The inner content or material is the main thing the finder requires, thus the main focus shifted from few suggested keywords to use of similar words with same meaning. The portal usually reflects what a consumer needs then what he wants.

The efficient technique is said to effect 70% of user searches. To get the good ranking you always have been looking for, Google suggests the use synonym Google ranking technique. The similar words which mean the same as the main word makes the content unique and dopes not rip of the purity the finder is looking for. It can be grammatical one, logical one or contextual one.


The main keywords should be focused and be optimized regularly with better words. A good tip to search the best is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer as what will they search. Effective link buildup also makes a great effect on traffic building through anchor tags. Thus, keywords are basic to what we call SEO and plays a vital role.

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