Importance of Domain Age in SEO

Importance of Domain Age in SEO

Importance of Domain Age in SEO – Still in search of top benefits of Domain age in SEO? If yes then you are at right place. But before proceeding to the importance of domain age in SEO let have a brief overview of website domain age. Domain age is one of the most famous term in SEO. Each and every SEO expert aware of this term. Domain age plays very important role in search engine optimization. 

Importance of Domain Age in SEO

Domain age can surely be linked to the famous adage “Wine keeps getting better with age”. Older will be your domain, greater are the responses you will get from the search engines and the audiences. So if you were unaware of these facts then now is the best time to start working on your domains.

You might have heard about this term but are you actually aware of the importance of domain age in SEO? Search engines are regularly flooded with questions related to the importance of domain age in SEO. Domain age highlights the trust factor, and hence it helps a lot in terms of SEO. Domain age is a major factor if you want your business or website to rank well.

What is a Domain age in SEO?

Domain age refers to the duration of time that a website has been registered and active on the search engines. Domain age highlights trust to website visitors and to the search engines as well. Two factors are considered in the age of a domain name.

First, is the length of time that a domain has been registered and second factor is the age of the website in respect to how long that it has been active? The search engines factors the domain age from the time that the website is first introduced by the search engines and when the first inbound link to the website is noticed.

Is Domain age an important factor in SEO?

This has been a highly debatable question over the few years. But the majority of the answers are in the favors of the domain’s age. The simple and short answer to all these questions is yes, domain age is indeed an important factor in search engine optimization.

The age of a domain can add significant SEO value to your website. Further the domain age can indicate a certain level of trust and even authority to the people and the search engines. This generally means that search engines will display older websites with established trust and authority, before brand new websites with a younger domain name.

Importance of Domain age in Search Engine Optimization

Domain age has a great impact on a website and all for the good reasons. It is a really important factor for the popularity of a URL of a website. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of a domain age in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Domain age is an important part of determining Google rankings and also a crucial part of the Search Engine Optimization.
  • Domain age is really an important factor if you want to work with the renowned companies or make your company one. Usually the reputed companies label it as a risk to work with the new domains.
  • More the domain age more will be the popularity of your website of business or company.
  • You will get higher ranks, increased traffic and eventually much greater profits with the age of domain.
  • An older domain age conveys longevity, trust and honesty, whereas there is more uncertainty regarding what a new website can or will offer to the visitors and search engines.


Domain age surely plays an important role in developing Search engine Optimization. But that does not mean you only have to focus on the age. Quality content, design and other related things are important to be considered. If you are not active on your website then domain age cannot do any benefit. You have to put equal efforts on it performance as well. Domain age and performance collectively can make your business or business a success.

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